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We flushed and replaced all of our fish the other day. It wasn't planned so much as an oops. We went to dump in some algae killer and I misread the label. Instead of putting in 1ml of killer I put in 10. The Mickey Mouse Platys did not not take kindly to this mistake and gave up the ghost. The plus side is that the snails didn't like it either. We've now moved on to a single blue Betta. He seems like his new spacious and heated digs. It should also be a lot less work to clean with one fish instead of the dozen or so that previously overloaded the tank.

Pudge Gross

We finally picked up Pudge. It was a bit of a hike since the foster family was in Byron near Flint. We had been led to believe there would be home inspections and such so we weren't really prepared to pick him up. However, when we got there they were ready to send him home with us. It felt kind of silly saying, hold on we've got to go find a way to pay for this guy. We ended up running into town to get cash so we could pay them. We than had to find a pet store so we could get enough gear to make it home. The fun part was watching him in the car. He loved it. He knew exactly where is stop in the middle was so he could lay down and sleep or get up and look out the front window.

Looks like we're branching out

We've had fish for a while and more snails than we can count, unfortunately. However, it appears we are finally branching out and getting a dog. Right now we're looking at adopting a Boston Terrier from a local Boston Terrier Rescue Society.

It really came down to a compromise between a couple of desires. We both wanted to adopt a dog instead of going to a breeder. However, my wife wanted a Boston Terrier. The breed is supposed to be pretty good for family's with size and personality. However, we will probably not get a puppy so we'll miss some things both good and bad.

There's a whole process so we'll see how things go.

More fish... and more fish..

We were down to one mickey mouse platy. We then we bought two more and they had five kids. If they were human they would have called it a family and been done. Unfortunately, they had other ideas and now they've apparently had kids, yet again. What happened to fish eating their young? If they do not get going on this then things are going to get crowded.

Our fish fear change.

We had five "Mickey Mouse" Platys in our little ten gallon and all seemed to be going fine. Unfortunately, our efforts at snail removal were not that successful. They seem to have killed the plant that we had in the tank so we decided that more radical steps were in order. We were going to almost completely restart the tank.

The first step was removal of the decorations and their cleaning. We than removed all of the gravel and scrubbed the tank until it was free of snails and snail egg. Than we started setting it back up. The new gravel was a fresh clean mix of white with some blue. The pink gravel was sent to storage. We got a new a new plant bundle and replaced the decoration. We hoped that no snails; cleat and treated water; plus a filter that should still have a large healthy population of "good" bacteria would keep the fish healthy. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. In a few hours, we lost three of them. One had always been small and deformed, but it was still disappointing. The tank looks great and the remaining two fish both seem healthy. We'll give them a couple weeks and than probably see if they'll accept a third stooge.

We've got babies or fry techincally

We're not sure when it happened but somewhere along the way we managed to get four baby fish (fry) in our tank. I'd always read that they're hard to get going because they are so small that they cannot eat normal fish food. I guess they found enough naturally occurring stuff to eat. I'm not sure that they'll actually live but it was still fun to see them. Who knows, maybe they will make it.

Tank is still not happy

It has been a bit since I mentioned our fish tank. After a couple of weeks we got a few more ghost shrimp, a snail, and another dwarf frog. It was not met to be. The shrimp lasted a few days and dwarf frog, Sardine, died the other day. Poor guys. Hopefully, we can figure out what is going on with the tank.

Shrimp Massacre this morning :(

I'm not sure what happened. Everythng seemed fine last night when I went to bed. This morning when I got up the water was extremely cloudy and the shrimp were dead. It took several changes of water to get things somewhat normal. We had to wait out the rest of the cloudiness. The best theory we have is that one of the kids dumped something in the tank. We've had problems with them doing similar things before. There was also a rather incriminating can of cream soda sitting next to the tank. Hopefully, Otter and Anchovy will be okay and not harmed long term.

Melissa also apparently pulled out the non-java fern. I was going to give it more time to recover under the new light but I guess she didn't want to wait.

Flourescent Light for the tank

It is not a huge deal but we replaced the light on our aquarium with one that has a flourescent light. It looks nicer with the new light and is supposed to be make things easier on plants. We'll see what happens.

We found Squishy! and Anchovy joins the crew...

We had some fun with the aquarium the last couple of days. Yesterday, I was home from work and had Henry to myself for part of the day. One of the things we did was get some new plants for the aquarium. We tried VI Pets but they didn't seem real big on plants so we ended up going to Petsmart. We got some Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) and something else who's name I have to go back and look for again. They're both supposed to be low light plants. We've got just a generic incandescent light in the hood so they're mostly relying on the ambient light. Hopefully, they can hack it. Although, we've seen the shrimp attacking the remaining Red Ludwigia.

Today, we finally got the African Dwarf Frog (Hymenochirus). We went to VI Pets because they seem to have smaller/younger fish than the other places we've checked. Hopefully, this guy will be able to adapt to his new environment and not get harrassed too much. We'll see, I've read that sometimes tankmates will eat the food before they get to it. I'll have to have Melissa watch the first few times she feeds them to see what happens. I'm not sure where the name came from but we named him Anchovy. He joins a male Betta named Otter, and some ghost shrimp named The Stooges.

We actually have six, we think, ghost shrimp. Three of the four originals survive and they were joined today by a couple more that appear to be juveniles based on their size. The fun part was, Squishy, was seen for the first time in a week or two. We're pretty sure that one of the three originals is a female and Squishy is the only offspring to survive to noticeable "shrimphood".

Hopefully, they'll all get allong.

Aquarium planning for the future

It looks like the aquarium may be finally settling down. Once it does the plan is to add an African Dwarf Frog (Hymenochiru). These are tiny little aquatic frogs that should fit well with the bet and the host shrimp. I'd also like to pick up a few more of the ghost shrimp to fill out the aquarium.

ghost shrimp are cool

Otter has really perked up and is started to try and scare off his reflection. However, the ghost shrimp have turned out to be cool little monsters. They're pretty active and are funto watch. And at 25 cents each they're the right price. :-)

We bought an aquarium

It started simply with a plan to resurrect my old fifteen gallon. However, four stores later, we had a new ten gallon instead of fifteen or five. The primary reason was we weren't sure that a fifteen gallon tank would be light enough forthe place we were going to put the tank. We also discovered that five gallon tanks are insanely expensive. The worse part is that we still forgot light bulbs for the hood. Oh well, our new beta (Betta Splendens) is named Otter and he seems to get a long well with the four ghost shrimp(Paleomonetes sp.). We've also got a couple of plants. One is called Red Ludwigia (Ludwigia glandulosa) which looks pretty cool. The other is a Frill plant (Myriophyllum scabratum ).