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Day off and field trip with Henry

I'm sure many of you know that for various reasons I like to take my birthday off and hide in my room the entire day. Unfortunately, Melissa seems to have other ideas. This year she volunteered me to chaperone my sons field trip to Teussinks's Pony Farm.

It started out okay, except for the steady rain that wouldn't let up for the entire day. Henry's teacher immediately asked me if I could drive. It seems they didn't have enough room on the busses and some parents who were going to drive bailed on her. The tour of the farm was pretty basic. A visit to the barn and some animal introductions, pony rides for the kids, lunch, and finally a hayride and feeding of animals. The one thing that bugged me is how many of the parents seemed unwilling to do anything other than hide in the back.

Overall the kids seemed to have fun. Unfortunately, it was cut a bit short because of the rain.

We missed t-ball this year.

I kinda forgot how old Henry was and we missed t-ball sign-up by a few months. It isn't a huge deal since he is still young enough for t-ball next year. I am just annoyed that I didn't think of it sooner. I also found it odd that we did not get anything from the school about it. They sent home something on Rocket football so it doesn't seem too much of a stretch. I guess we'll have him give it a shot next year and see what happens.

I'd like to have him try a few sports to see how he does with them. I'm not sure if it will be his thing or not but the interaction with other kids would good for him. It also might help teach him a little self discipline. He could certain use more opportunities to channel his energy into something productive. It seems like if we're not careful he will just get bored of something and default to wanting to watch TV. He has stuff he likes to play with, but it just isn't his first thought. I'm not sure what else we can to help him not want to be on the couch. Turning off the TV solves the symptom but not the problem.

Henry is signed up for Rocket Football

We went and signed up Henry for Rocket Football this morning. It will not start until the fall so he's got some time to get ready for the whole thing. I'm hoping for some good aimless running around when the time comes. We'll not really big sports people. However, we're hoping he'll enjoy it and he might be something about of a fun activity where he is not in charge. It is just flag football and all the kids will be young so it won't be too complicated. We'll just have to see how it goes.

More Easter 2010 and Portland Party Store pizza

Today was fun because the kids got to hunt for eggs throughout the house. The ones they missed were pretty obvious. It was kinda funny. Later we went out to my mom's house and bummed around there most of the afternoon. A personal highlight was dinner. We got pizza from the Portland Party Store. Their pizza is still the best pizza that I've had. I wish we were closer but that's life. We also had what was actually their third Easter Egg of the year. The kids had a lot of fun with it and the adults always end up having just as much fun with it. This time they got candy and money and that is always a big hit. Unfortunately, my brother wasn't there since he is working out west. He called and they got to say hello. Although, that was about the extent of the conversation for them. I'm not sure why but that always amuses me the way they do that.

Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Another Easter is in the bag. We had gone to the Easter Egg hunt at Roger's Plaza in previous years. However, we were busy the day they had it so we missed out on that this year. This year we went out to Centerpointe Mall for the Grand Rapids Jaycees Easter Egg hunt. We'd never been to that one before so we thought it would be fun. Unfortunately, we didn't do enough research.

The first problem was that there was a huge number of people there. Instead of doing a two or three very large hunts like we were used to. They had multiple small hunts going on over the course of three or four hours. This meant an insanely long line for the kids. It also was structured so that none of the eggs had any candy in it. They collected them all and than had to give them back in exchange for a small goody bag. The kids were okay with it since they don't eat much candy.

It also had a bunch of other activities. These would have been fun but they cost tickets. The tickets were a quarter each and I didn't bring any money. The crowd also meant that there were long lines for these as well. We ended up running them through the obstacle course and leaving because that was the only short line and that was all the tickets we got for free. I still think the kids had fun I just wish we would have done more research.

Bowling for birthdays

We went bowling today for Samantha's birthday. It was kind of a wierd experience. A couple of bowling alleys in the area have closed in the last year and previously when we've gone the alleys were fairly empty. Today, however, the first place we called was booked solid. We found another place that worked out great. However, when we got there it was pretty busy. Apparently, there were a bunch of schools that were bowling today. I never did ask if it was leagues or just some kind of social thing. It actually seemed to make it a little more fun having all the extra people milling around. The only downside to all the people was it took a while to get our pizza.

The kids seemed to have a lot of fun. We should probably take them more often. I'd say I bowled well. However, it wouldn't be true. :-) I bowled my usual pathetic score. I am happy though. I only ask that I can break a hundred and in that I succeeded. The rest did better but not by a huge amount. Who knows, maybe it will not be a another year before we go again.

Rockwell Reunion, fun. (yes, they are related to that Rockwell)

The Rockwell's are Melissa's paternal grandmother's family. It was a pretty standard reunion. They had food, a few games, pictures, and lots of getting to know some new people. I'm told they are related to the the artist, Norman Rockwell. I have no idea how close though.