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Wii U hooks up to the TV

The kids and I home due to weather related school closings. I know that on days like this that I have to watch them like a hawk. If boredom sets in we could end up with a completely trashed house. It was this situation that led me to investigate a suddenly quiet living room. Instead of problems I found my kids were crowded around the gamepad watching something via Netflix. It looked ridiculously uncomfortable so I suggested they just turn on the TV so they can both watch easier. Now, they had been playing with just the gamepad a lot lately. I operated under the assumption that my kids were trying to be polite or save electricity. It seems they thought the Wii U was the worlds largest Gameboy. My son actually said he forgot that the Wii U works on the TV.

Breyers and Edys no longer make ice cream

Breyers and Edys no longer make ice cream. It is now a "frozen dairy desert". What does this mean for you? It means it no longer tastes like ice cream nor has any sort of ice cream mouth feel. We had some at my daughter's birthday party recently. It was so bad that over half the ice cream was thrown away. (Remember when ice cream came in half gallons?) This is apparently enough of a thing that Breyers had to put something on their about page. I hope someone figures out that this kind of thing is really bad for business over the long term.

If you going to buy ice cream, please do us all a favor and look for the words ice cream. I am willing to bet your local grocery store has some in the store brand line even. Frozen Dairy desert is just a bunch of cheap sugar and a number of things that I had to look up.

At least they'll have a story to tell

There is really no way to say it. We're the worst parents ever. We have officially crossed the line from ordinary failure to the truly terrible. What is it that we could do that was so horrid? We opened Christmas presents in the evening.... of Christmas Day. I weep just thinking about it. How could we reach such a low point?

Well, my wife had to work. I'd like to say there was something more to it but that is really it. She had to work and no one in this family outside of myself was willing to get up at 6am to open presents. I suppose we could have opened them without her but I am not sure we despise mommy enough for that.

My poor daughter suffered most of all. If you hear her tell it the progress of time that day slowed to a crawl that would impress even the torpid of Sloths. (Yes, I managed to work torpid into a sentence. I am going to consider that a victory of some sort or another. ) If she didn't ask every half hour for the entire day than I would be surprised.

My son was a bit more tolerant. I suspect he asked when mommy was going to be home no more than a dozen times or so. A relative trifle compared to the despondent form that was my daughter.

In the end everyone enjoyed opening presents and the related a great deal. Hopefully, that enjoyment will be enough to keep child services at bay.


We made an impromptu run to Frankenmuth for cranberry relish. Well, maybe there was other stuff... Once I got the relish I tuned everything else out.

Henry rode a two wheeler

Henry finally road a two-wheeler unassisted. The funny part is that Melissa and I could find no way to motivate him. He would try a few times and than declare he couldn't do it. I have never understood why he gives up so easily on things. What did it take to motivate him? The blonde girl next door. :-) It seems when she got it in her head to teach him to ride a two-wheeler he was all kinds of motivated. He's got plenty of practicing to do but it looks like family bike rides are finally on the horizon. I note this so that in five or ten years I can tease him about it mercilessly. :-)

Another Easter Egg hunt

We took the kids to the Wyoming Jaycees Easter Egg hunt this morning. They had a good time as usual and, of course, brought home more candy than any of us will ever eat. They had a pretty good turnout. Although it was nothing like a couple years ago when most other Easter Egg hunts were completely rained out. Hopefully, we can dump most of the candy off on people at work. :-)

Bodies Revealed at the Grand Rapids Museum

I took Henry to see Bodies Revealed at the Grand Rapids Museum. I was a bit nervous because, although I thought he would find it interesting, I just wasn't sure if he was ready. However, he it turns out my fears were unfounded. The crowd was pretty thin so we were able to take the time to go through it at our own pace and I could explain what we were seeing at each step. I'm not sure how much of it he will remember but I think it was worth taking him. He asked a lot of good questions and seemed to understand what it was he was seeing. The only part was skipped over was reproduction... We both agreed that that was a topic for another day.

Cleaning house...

We cleaned for probably six plus hours today. We threw out about 4 garage bags of junk and have at least that much to donate. I suppose all we really did was make more room for thew new junk. I figure that when even the kids are excited about getting rid of some of their stuff that it is past time to take a hard look at things.

Halloweened Out

It was more Halloween than the kids ever expected. I started simply enough on Thursday night with a trunk or treat at Tutor Time where Samantha goes to school. Her friend Chloe was there because she wanted to see Sam. They don't actually go to that daycare anymore but Chloe missed Samantha.

The action continued on Friday with another trunk or treat. This time is was at St. John Vianney and concluded with a movie.

We finally hit some traditional trick or treating on Saturday in Byron Center. Although not officially Halloween the folks in Byron Center, apparently, didn't like the idea of doing Halloween on Sunday so they encouraged their residents to celebrate on Saturday instead.

Sunday, Halloween!, we finally hit the big day and the kids are wiped out. They have no interest in a fourth night of Trick or Treating. Kids should have to be dragged home from trick or treating. I guess things just aren't the same when you have to trick or treat in broad daylight instead of the dark the way it should be. Another reason daylight savings time is evil.

Finally back from Higgin's Lake

We're finally back from Higgin's lake. It was good to get away but it is nice to sleep in your own bed too. The kids had a lot of fun having more kids to play with. Melissa got to spend a bunch of time with family she doesn't normally get to see very often. Than of course there was the massive amount of reading that everyone did, it was interesting to see how people settled in and what they chose too do with their time.

The lake was kinda odd in that it was shallow for quite a ways out. If you wanted to get to water even up to your chest you were in for a hike. One of the days Melissa's dad and uncle rented a pontoon boat so we got to take a tour of the lake. That was pretty fun although I think some of the people were starting to get bored. I guess there's only so much shore watching you can do.

The one thing I learned was that bringing food from home makes only so much sense. They have grocery stores almost anywhere you go and you' going to visit them several times. It makes more sense to pack a minimal amount of food and plan a trip to a real local grocery store. The prices are about the same as what you'd find at home, if you avoid the tourist oriented stores.

Little boy was the star of the show

Henry had his music performance last night. It was so much fun. They had all of the kindergartners and first graders at his school on stage to sing a few songs. Henry was on the far side of the stage and he did really good sitting through the first graders turn to sing. He seemed to sing pretty well when his turn came. I was glad to see that he was not afraid up on stage. I loved when he started looking around the crowd to try and find us and during the final song he just sat down when he was supposed to be standing up. It wasn't so much what he did but all the little things you could see in him when he was up there. I was really proud of how he did, especially considering he was one of the youngest kids that was up there.

Kite Festival in Grand Haven

We spent some time today at the Great Lakes Kite Festival in Grand Haven. I had never been to the festival but it was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect, clear skies, a nice steady breeze of the lake and not to hot. We didn't actually do much since we didn't have a kite or the money to buy one. The kids mostly played in the sand watched the kites. There were some truely impressive ones. They also had demonstrations done by various kite flying teams. They were able to use multiple lines on a kite to get it to do various tricks, etc. Even without the kites to watch it was enjoyable to just sit there outside and relax.

Public Works Open House

The City of Wyoming Public Works department had its open house today. It was a pretty simple affair for the most part. The kids got to climb into a police car as well as see various other city vehicles up close. It turns out the back see of a police car is hard plastic. Not exactly surprising but something that never occurred to me. There were a few handouts, ballons, etc. They even grilled hot dogs so the kids got to eat inside the building while oggling the equipment. However, the big hit was the back hoe. The line was pretty long and got longer as we waited. However, the kids did good waiting and seemed to enjoy watching the equipment run. They had it setup so that the kids take a turn at operating it a little bit. Henry and Samantha both really enjoyed it. In fact, based on her attempts at digging up the parking lot, Sammy may have found her calling. She just needs a pink hard hat and she's all set.

First trip to the lake of the year

The thing I like most about going up the lake is the lack of pressure to do anything. I can sit there and so absolutely nothing. The kids were pretty well behaved and spent most of the day playing nicely in the sandbox. We went for a ride on the pontoon and Sammy and Henry both had a chance to steer. They both did really well. Sammy enjoyed her first time at the wheel. Henry was a lot better at keeping it straight making nice gentle turns. I did feel bad for Melissa, she worked last night so she was running on two hours sleep. I think she had fun overall though and she got a nap in to get her through the day.