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Washing machine died

Our washing machine had several "personality quirks." However, it finally died on Thursday. We ran out to Sears since that was all that was open. However, we waited and ended up getting one at Gerrit's. Appliance. It's a middle of the road model from Fisher & Paykel. It should use less water than a normal washing machine but more than the fancy front loaders. The reduction is enough that, although it can still use regular detergent, you apparently use less of it. We'll see how it goes.

Fun night

First, the toilet clogged. Now this is no big deal. It clogs all the time. It is one of those toilet models that saves water by requiring several flushs and the occassional plunging. Henry had to "fix it" and wouldn't stop flushing it. Water ran into the floor vents and onto the heating/ac in the basement. It avoided the carpet down stairs but not but much. It got worse because at some point the toilet broke and simply continued running. He kept trying to fix things by getting out towels to dry up the water and had his hands in the tank thinking he could stop the water.

Four hours later and with lots of help from my father in law, I had learned how to tear apart and rebuild a toilet and dried up the water. Sammy than kept me up most of the rest of the night. Got about two-three hours sleep. Work the next day was "fun".


The Grand Rapids Public Museum has a special exhibit called Dinosaurs that is running right now. It seems they're running a special this week for $10. That includes not only the museum admission and the exhibit, but it also includes the planetarium show and a free meal of pizza and pasta. The kids seemed to get a kick out of the place and the food was surprisingly good. The planetarium shows were full up for the night so we got free passes to see it at a later date.

Are you going to

My son asked Melissa if she was going to We asked how he knew that and he rattled off the Chuck E Cheese website. I'm not sure what terrifies me more. The fact that he understands the web or that Chuck E Cheese's marketing is that good...

A visit to impression five and getting in uncle dougies way

Impression 5

A bit like the Grand Rapids Children's Museum but oriented at older kids. It is also much more hands on science based. It really helps if the kids can read because some of the hands on exhibits had detailed instructions. It is obvious that their budget is a bit stretched with some of the exhibits needing some maintenace. However, there were several very new looking areas that were in great shape.

Lansing Model Railroad Club

They had a display in the basement. Henry spent an hour down there at least. It was long enough that mommy and I switched off once to keep things from getting boring for us mere adults.

We stopped at my mom's on the way back. I felt a little bit bad for stopping because they're redoing the bathroom and the place was a bit crowded. Still, someone's gotta watch uncle Dougie work and we're just folks to do it.

Happy's pizza did not make us happy.

Happy's pizza did not make us happy. It was generic. They had a wide variety on their menu. It was serviceable food but that's it. There's too many really good places around here to bother with mediocre. It was like somebody just ordered a bunch of off the shelf menu items and threw together a marketing campaign. I was not impressed.

Kanicki gets married to Heather and a fun road trip.

Melissa's cousin married a guy named Kanicki. He's a nice guy but I really mentioned it because I think his last name is hilarious. It was a fun trip up to Saginaw and the way home ended up taking us through Midland. It seems the directions Melissa's parents got weren't the greatest and we ended up winging it all the way home. It was a lot of fun. I highly recommend avoiding interstates if you can help it. Rural highways are much more fun and make a trip really worth taking.

No more Tutor Time for Henry

Henry got his second strike today. One more strike and he is kicked out for good. Melissa and I are talking about thing but we're probably going to try things completely different for Henry. Melissa wants to keep him home so she can work with him one on one. We'll have to work some things out but we should be able to make it work.

The whole thing is pretty depressing though. I feel like we're failing him. I just don't know what we can do to help him.


We were in Flint for the funeral of Melissa's paternal grandfather. My mom watched the kids so we didn't have to worry about entertaining them. It gave us a chance to spend more time talking to her family, even if it wasn't under good circumstances.

Still, I hate funerals.

Sammy decided to draw on daddy's laptop screen.

Sammy decided to draw on daddy's laptop screen. No permanant damage since Melissa caught her and got it. However, this is a good example of why daddys laptop is an el cheapo. If she had destroyed it I wouldn't be out nearly as muchas a normal laptop.

Waited in line for an hour to get a Wii fit

It seems the Nintendo Wii still isn't available in quantity. I spent an hour this morning waiting in line at Circuit City to get a Wii fit. There was a guy there who'd been waiting in line since 4am. Another guy was waiting in line since 5am. The store didn't open until 11am. I got there at 9am thinking it opend at 10am.

The result? 10am rolls around and several people who had just arrived didn't get wiis. However, you might have had a chance at a wii fit. The highlight though was when Melissa and the kids brought me hot chocolate. It was cold. :-)

I am not ready to have a daughter

I've commented before about the problems we have with our son. However, my daughter will probably be the death of me. Earlier she noticed that her shirt was getting to small for her. She started crying her eyes out and said "I'm not pretty!". Later she put on some dress up clothes and said "I'm pretty now!".

I am not ready for this. I was going to post on our Christmas but I no longer remember what happened. I just have nightmares about her as a teenager.

Another good day and a day off

Henry had a good day while mommy and daddy had the day off to clean and watch Transporter 3. It wasn't quite the ideal combination for a day off of work but life's like that.

Transporter 3 was pretty good as long as you know what you're getting into. There wasn't nearly as much driving in this one as the other ones. The plot was obviously an after though. However, it really doesn't matter. Jason Statham drives around, gets into fights, and takes his shirt off. Melissa seemed to enjoy the latter. :-)

A good day with greenery

Food coloring stains. Green food coloring stains green. Cupcakes with green frosting on them stain green. Today, Samus discovered that cupcakes with green frosting that are eaten on a Sunday still stain the next day. I'll let you figure out the rest.

Henry had another good day at school. Joy.

Another Weekend With the Family

It was another weekend with the family that started off with a Saturday wedding. Normally we would go to the actual ceremony but it was at noon while the reception was five and a half hours later. There was no way we going to be able to keep the kids happy for that long. We barely made it through the reception as it was. However, the food was good and we got a chance to catch up with some people we do not normally see.

The next day was better. We spent a few hours at the Gross Christmas party. The food was good the kids played nice with the other kids. Sammy even got a mermaid doll to go with her current mermaid obsession.