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Nature wins another one.

It seems that human hasn't quite triumphed over nature yet. It seems the Great Wall of China isn't quite so great. Beavers, apparently wanting to add insult to injury have decided to one up us in the visible from space department. It is truly a sad day for Mankind.

Everyone loves socialized medicine

Boy the Canadians sure love their socialized medicine. They would never want to make their own decisions about their health. I wonder how long before we completely lose the idea that we're created equal and replace it with the idea that we're required to be identical.

Can we stop pretending Toyota is perfect now?

I'm just curious since I live in Michigan. Can we stop pretending Toyota is perfect now? Toyota has halted production and sales of eight models because they can't seem to design a gas pedal. They've been dinking around for three years and still haven't gotten it right. I'd have been impressed by this move if it had happened when they first realized there was a problem. Ignoring the problem and trying to sweep it under the rug for three years and only than dealing with it isn't impressive.


Donuts are good, regardless of what they're made of. This includes snow.

There are some crimes you shouldn't commit

There are crimes that you should never commit for any reason. No matter ho desperate you are, they are just not worth doing. The majority of these are obvious. However, I feel compelled to point out one that may not be obvious at first glance. You should never steal horse tails. You heard me. If you have ever contemplated such a crime than please professional help. There is nothing stealing a horse's tail will get you that is worth being that big of pathetic loser.

Israel's security is apparently as bad as ours.

"Look someone has a laptop let's shoot it and tell her we blew it up. I'm not going to think about why the they thought it was a bomb. The weird thing is, if they really thought it was a bomb. Why would they be so dumb as to shoot it? Is that really a safe reliable way to dispose of a bomb?

Dumb a Public Service Announcement

Here's another Public Service Announcement for the youth out there. Nothing stays in Vegas and no one knows what you meant where thinking. They only know what you wrote.

Emo kids finally explained

It seems all those emo kids in middle schools around the country finally have an excuse for their ridiculousness. I remember reading an article a while back that found evidence that amphibians are having a lot of problems with this kind of thing. I cannot remember where it was and I'm not looking for it right now. However, the basis of that article was that amphibians were likely the canary in the mine. It is a serious issue and since most chemicals receive little real testing there will be more stuff like this popping up. We can only guess how it is going to affect us since realistically, we're not all going to be affected in the same way.

This is how medicine should work

I've never been a big fan of dumping foreign objects into a human. It just seems like there should be a better way. I know the real world gets in the way of ideals. However, researchers seems to get things right after they've exhausted all other options. :-)

If you've been following the stem cell debate you you're familiar with the debate over embryonic versus adult stem cells. I'll ignore the moral issues and focus on one of the breakthroughs that fits within my personal ideal. These guys have found a way to use run of the mill fat cells to grow this guy a bone he was missing. In the end the guy had his face without metal, plastic, or bits of someone else floating around inside of him. I just like that.

A good hard rain

This is cool. I will not pretend to know how likely it is but I like the idea of a planet that rains rocks. If someone hasn't written some scifi with this in it than they should.

Actually, I vaguely remember a short story of a planet that rained diamonds. Regardless, there should be more of this kind of stuff in scifi. Scifi should be more than just green women and pointy ears.