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It's poop

Well my smart son told us he had to poop and ran to the potty and went in the potty all by himself. Now the cleaning up afterward that is a different story. We are so proud of him.

Not much else. Samantha has 2 new teeth she is adding to her bottom teeth. The 2 top teeth, not the front but next to them are coming in. She has done very well with them so far. It is amazing that I am a mother of 2 kids under 2 WOW.

I am starting the Radiology tech program Sept 5th and ends 2008. I visited 6 hospitals and got a better understanding on what I would be doing. I thought it was just X-rays and Cat scans or MRI, But I will be in on surgery's to take X-rays (COOOOOOL) Also if i get a rotation at Spectrum Blogette the county morgue is there and we have to take X-rays of Dead people. (COOOOLER). So now I am really excited and not sure why it took me so long to get on the waiting list, but it is finally here.

Oh Henry got to meet Clifford the BIg Red dog today at the mall. He gave him so many hugs, it was great.
Bye for now.



Well miss Samantha has her first two teeth coming in. The two bottom ones are poked through. She is just like henry in so many ways. She alreadys flips from her back to her tummy and back again. She even looks like she is trying to crawl. She gets on her knees with her butt high in the air, it is quite comical. In the morning when she gets up she never in the same place you put her down at. There was one night chad had her on the floor in the living room and she scooted around to where she got stuck under the couch all you see are these little legs hanging out. Chad of course got a picture of it. She moved more than three feet to get there. She is so advanced (hehe). I hope to get some new pics up soon. bye for now.



Well Surgery went well. I do hurt alot, but mostly from gas buildup. They pump belly up with Co2 to get the scopes and cutting tools inside. that should where off in a couple of days. I will keep everyone posted.


Yo Yo

Well not much is going on in the Gross house. I started class and I am taking Medical Terminology. I do have surgery on my gallbadder tomorrow. I am sure that everything will be fine. So I will let you know how everything goes when it is over. Bye for now.


Long time

Well I am sorry that I have not been writting on the website more. I am home all day you think I would have time. I mean between all the naps and video game playing I would find time (hehe). Well not sure you all knew, Sammy had to have an MRI done on her butt on WEd. She was born with a dimple in her butt crack that had hair growing out of it. I guess they were concerned that she might have problems with her spinal cord. The test went great, we wont know the official results till next week or so. Chad is trying to get more photos up but in the mean time I will send everyone them through Talk to you later.



Well if you look at the baby countdown you will see that I am overdue. Yes this parasite has not left my body yet. I have an appointment tomorrow. The doc did say that I will not go past the 1st of march, so I do know that i will have a baby next week. I just want to know what the sex is. Everyone at work want it to be a girl but i have a feeling this one is another boy. either way it needs to come out. I am getting a huge belly nothing else is getting big just the belly. I am still getting sick though. Well I will keep everyone updated.


Still Pregnant

Well the baby is still inside. I am no closer than I was a month ago. I did have Doc thomas check for dialation at 37 weeks and I was a finger tip I did not check this week, for I know the baby will come out when ready. I have been walking more and bouncing on the exercise ball to maybe get things progressing somewhat. I just want to know if it is a girl or boy, the pressure is getting to me. ARGH. But that is all a great part of the birthing processes. I have not reached any problems yet at this time like I did with Henry. I was on bed rest at this time with him. Blood pressure is good, weight is good, no big time swelling so all in all everything is by the book. I have new appointments every friday.

I am just ready to be off work. Henry has been so cute lately. He is adding a lot to his vocabulary and just everyday activities he gets better and better. Chad will upload some new pics of him outside in the snow and someothers. It is crazy there are 5 women at work who are Pregnant right now. I started a trend, or it is in the water. HEHEHEHE. Well I will chat more later. Bye for now. and i will keep everyone posted.

One month to go

Well I have one more month of pregnancy and I am getting really excited. Henry has been such a handful lately. It is hard to keep up with him at times. I think once the new baby comes he will calm done a bit. He is such a boy. Now I am almost wanting a girl, I heard they are more mellow. I am excited to see what has been growing inside for 9 months.

My health has been great. I have kept my weight down, no more galstone episodes, I have been sick though. I remember getting sick the last month with henry too. I have been battling a cold, cough, heartburn, pink eye (thanks all to henry and the wonderful world of daycare).

we are slowly getting ready for the new arrival. I still have to get cloths ready and such, but that will come in time. My sisters new baby is such the doll. When we visisted for New years he was alert and so cute. he is a hefty eater though. My little one was such the terror that weekend so I did not get to spend to much time with the new baby. WEll chad and I will try and keep up on the pictures since we have a digital camera now. i hope that you enjoy the ones we have put up so far.


Mels christmas list

Here is my christmas list

Food processor--- the KitchenAid 7-Cup Food Processor--at target

Camara case to fit the Kodak easyshare z740

Pokemon XD-Gale of darkness gamecube game
plus strategy guide to play game

gift cards are always welcome


Henrys list

money for dresser
money for bedding
money for savings accounts

mittins more then one pair
hat more than 1

please limit the number of toys since he got a lot for his birthday.

bye for now

our little man

Well Chad and I had quite the bad week. Henry got really sick and was admitted to the hospital on Wed. He go the Croup, but bad enough that he could not breath very well. They gave him breathing treatments and steroids in the hospital to open his airways. He is much better now and was released on Friday. As soon as he got home he was a different boy. He saw all of his toys and just went nuts. He still has a cough, but that is slowly going away so it is less often. He really scared mommy. I stayed in the Hospital Wed and Thursday and chad took thursday night and Friday. What a good husband, I so appreciated that. I dont think most fathers would do what he did. I think Henry wanted to get close to his brother or sister for he only wanted lay on top of mommys big belly. Well I think our life is back to normal now.

Henry's 1st Birthday Party

Henry had his first birthday party on Sat and it was so much fun. WE had the grand parents and Godparents over for lunch. We ate pizza and cake. YUM. Henry loved to eat his own cake. He did really well until he realized the cake was squishy and then proceeded to get it on his face and chest and hair. We have pictures that Chad will post soon. It was so cute. He got a puzzle and bolt bench that you hit the bolts in the hole. He loves that one. He proceeds to hit everything with the plastic hammer. He got a cool wooden blocks that we stack and then knock down. The grandpas had fun with that on. He got a book that reads to him, and tractor that sings old MCdonald. So alot of great stuff to annoy mom and dad.

He had a great day. He slept for 5 hours after his party he was so wiped out. He is such the little ham. Bye for now.


My little man

So my baby is finally almost 1 year old. I can not believe that last year this time I was a huge whale of a pregnant women waiting for his arrival. He is just so cute now. He knows how to play patty cake, and peek-a-boo. It is kinda funny. I just love his little tantrums that he throws. If you have not seen it, it is funny. He starts to cry sits down then trouws his head on the ground if he does not get his way. He will do it anywhere. He is very naughty though too. He pulls hair at the daycare and bites and pulls chads glasses off his face. These habits we are in the process of breaking, he thinks it is a game though, no matter if you swattle his butt or not.

We are introducing new foods to him also. He likes cheese, I gave him some of my ice cream the other day, he did not like the cold at first, but then was like give me more. Wait to go mommy give him something that he should not have. He had some of my popsicle too. So cute. He really does not like to pick up soft foods, he proceeds to squish them in his hands. He loves cheerios and animal crackers the most.

He also now kicks and throws balls to you and likes to play with my parents dogs. Oh he can say the words, dog, yes, hello very well. it is so cute. He waves out the window.

I am doing well, I finally have stopped throwing up. the only thing is the low fat diet I am on for my gallstone sucks. I have strayed from it a little though. I have an ultrasound on the 19th of Oct and hope to post the pics of the new baby then. Well thats it for now.


Chad and I are sorry that our website has been down. The guys who hosted the site moved and it just has not come back up. Chad switched to a new server so we are all good now. So I am sorry. Well there are many things that have happened in that time,

I wanted to tell everyone personally but it has been hard, We are expecting another child. Baby Clem 2.0 will be arriving around Feb 15 2006. I have been having a really hard time with this one. I have been sicker than sick, I have lost over 16lbs and probably more since this weekend. This one must be a girl, I was not this sick with Henry. I have been so exausted too that by the time i get home from work I eat and go to bed. I feel bad for Chad. He has been taking all the slack up on cooking and cleaning and caring for Henry. I have been such a slug. I am entering my 4th month now. I hope that this sickness passes soon. I just want to eat normal again. ARGH.

Henry is walking all over the place getting into everything. It is too cute. Well I will have chad add to the site when he can. Miss everyone.



Well Henry is now walking. He has only done a few steps by himself, but he walk with you holding on to your hands or he walks around our coffee table all night long. He just does not want to sit still anymore.

Chad lost his grandpa Clem last week, so we had a funeral last saturday. He will be missed.

The rest of the holiday weekend we went up to the cottage and went swimming and hung out. Henry went swimming in the lake for the first time. I think that he enjoyed it he kept splashing he feet. I think he just wanted to eat the water noodles instead. His molers are starting to come in so he has been a little cranky. Cant blame him though, for his mouth hurting. Poor little man. Well that is all that has been happening in the Gross household. Bye for now.


whats new

So it has happened. Henry is now on the move. He is an offical crawler and man he is really fast. yikes mom and dad are not ready for this. He did it first at my sisters house this weekend in WI. He does it army style all arms no legs. He is loving the summer he likes to help mom water the plants. He likes to play in the water. Too cute. Everthing else is great here. We are all well. well that is all for now. sorry it took so long to write about the new stuff happening. I promise to keep in touch more. bye for now