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Good News from the tests!

Well, Mel's tests went pretty well. There is protein in her urine but it is not any worse than it was. Her blood pressure is still good and it hasn't gotten any worse. They ran AFI and NST tests. The AFI test checks to make sure that there is enough fluid for the baby. The NST (non-stress test) checks to make sure the baby's heart rate is good while resting and moving around. They both turned out great as well. The NST took a little while because baby Bross wasn't cooperating. Mommy fell asleep and so did baby. However, a little caffeine and some help from Mom moving around finally finished that test off. Since all the tests went well the doc's not going to be inducing labor. Of course, since we discovered that Mel's dilated three centimeters we'll probably do things this weekend anyway. :-)


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