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Come and Gone

Well, we're here. I'm currently typing this in "The Chad Cave", otherwise known as "The Basement". I've got my main machine setup but the rest are just in a pile. DSL will not come until the fifteenth. Even worse the dialup access we were getting through the apartment complex is cut off already. Even though we have the apartment until the 6th. Oh well, maybe tomorrow at work I can find someone that will let me dial in for free.

I missed most of the moving in process. We actually moved in on July 1st. Melissa was able to take the day off and move us in with the help of her parents, my mom, and Glen. Unfortunately, I don't get vacation time so I ended up working. However, there has still been plenty to do. We've been putting stuff away the last few nights. Still plenty to go though. The apartment is almost empty. There are just a few cleaning suppliers left. Sunday after we get back from the lake we are going finish cleaning and drop off the keys.

The worst part of the whole experience is now I have a lawn to mow. It's better than back home since its a great deal smaller. Still, it is a pain. The lawn is pretty crispy right now though. The heat and lack of rain have taken a toll. However, there are a few green spots where it gets some shade. We've been watering the front yard and bushes to try and get it a little greener. We'd prefer to no have the most yellow lawn in the neighborhood since some people might care. The back yard will probably not get watered. It's just going to cost too much money. It is slightly better but this weekend may put us back in square one. We'll be gone and if it doesn't rain it'll probably just burn the lawn some more. Still, such is life.


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