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The Chop House Grand Rapids

We went to The Chop House in Grand Rapids for Melissa's birthday. There were a couple of reason to go right off the bat. The first of these is that if you go on someone's birthday, bring their ID and their meal will be free. The other is that the food is ridiculously good. We also went last year for her birthday. The pricing is at the level that we cannot justify going on a random Tuesday. However, that does not mean that I am not above taking advantage of the birthday discount.

The last time we went I was not to thrilled with the ambiance. The interior still feels a bit dark for my taste but I did not notice it as much this time around. I may just be more used to it at this point.

This time around we got different steaks but the same creamed corn. I mention this because one of the joys of really good food is the moment where you say, "That's what it is supposed to taste like." We have all had the creamed corn in a can from the local grocery store. It is the kind of item you may like or not and there is usually not real passion behind the decision. If nothing else it helps out cornbread made from the box. The thing is that if you have creamed corn that was made by an actual human being concerned about something other than price it is very good. Melissa never like creamed corn until we got it as a side dish at The Chop House. It was a revelation for her and we had to get it again.

The downside is that the side dishes are separate items on the menu and aimed at three or four people so when just the two of us go we don't get the opportunity to try out more of the other options. The other problem is that there is so much more on the menu that I would like to try. I expect that we will find ourselves there on another birthday.