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USS Silversides... Etc

We have a membership to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum and that periodically gets us in for free at other places. In this case it was the USS Silversides Submarine Museum. The museum itself is not huge but covers a good deal deal of submarine material in a small amount of space, not just material related to the USS Silversides itself.

The highlight is of course the sub itself. The kids were amazed at how big yet how small it was. The shower schedule was a big hit. Crew 13-15 days. Officers 3-5. Cook-daily. I guess the importance of saving water has its limits. The fact that it still ran was something the kids had a hard time grasping. They seemed to assume that something that old should be broken. I tried to convince them that they should switch to cots at home but they were having none of it.

They also have the USCGC McLane. The Coast Guard cutter made for a nice contrast to the sub. I am not sure the kids noticed but they kept sticking out there arms to see if they could touch both sides of the hallway, etc. The kids were big fans of the four tier bunk beds. The cutter clearly had some restoration work left. The ship had been well used.

If you have never been there than you really should make the trip. It is not far and the cost was reasonable for what you got.