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We flushed and replaced all of our fish the other day. It wasn't planned so much as an oops. We went to dump in some algae killer and I misread the label. Instead of putting in 1ml of killer I put in 10. The Mickey Mouse Platys did not not take kindly to this mistake and gave up the ghost. The plus side is that the snails didn't like it either. We've now moved on to a single blue Betta. He seems like his new spacious and heated digs. It should also be a lot less work to clean with one fish instead of the dozen or so that previously overloaded the tank.

Service Matters

The one thing that bugs me the most about dining out is the service. The food is important of course but it is not the most important. The decor matters since it is part of the experience. However, they are not the most important thing either. You can make good food and clean the house. You can invite invite friends over and have a heck of a good time. The difference a restaurant provides is service. Our visit to Brann's today is a classic example of a service failure. The place was almost empty. However, it was still pulling teeth for basic things like drink refills. I would have had a more enjoyable experience at home and it would not have cost me eight bucks a head. I cannot see any reason why we would ever go back. There are too many other options.