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A lab too old

We are finally replacing our K-8 computer labs at work. The labs in question are full of eMacs that originally shipped with 64 megs of ram. We later upgraded them to 128 megs and finally to 256 megs of ram. They were reasonably fast and cheap back when they were first purchased.

However, nowadays a PowerPC G4 1.25 ghz with 256 megs of ram is no longer speedy, reliable, energy efficient or good for much of anything. I certainly did not expect anyone to miss them when they were gone. I was wrong and in the process learned that they were still good for one thing I didn't expect. In the interest of saving money our HVAC system doesn't keep the buildings very warm in the evenings. The custodians would apparently take breaks in labs that got left on at night. The ancient eMacs apparently make excellent space heaters.

As an aside, thanks to Comprenew for handling the recycling of all those space heaters.

Testing an easier way to blog

I have to admit that I am terrible at blogging on a regular basis despite the fact that it is one of the things that I actually enjoy. However, I have now tweaked things in a way that should simplify things a hair. Well, either that or it will make them more work. We will see.

The real issue will be whether I can finish writing/editing stuff that I have already started. I end up looking at what I wrote and not being able to convince myself that it gets across what I wanted to say.