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Bagger Dave's

Better in some ways than Red Robin worse in others.

Cost: About the same, shake was good and appropriately sized but pricy. Iprobably would not bother ne t time.

Ambiance: Bagger Dave's was definitely better. It was not nearly as loud and the seating felt a bit more comfortable. Kids liked the train along the ceiling. TVs were actually playing stuff we cared about but that could have just been timing.

Food: We both got burgers. In my case the beef was a bit dry but otherwise things were good. My wife was a big fan of the turkey and we didn't try the black bean patty. Red Robin probably has a better non-burger menu but Bagger Dave's at least gives a better impression of variety by giving you a list of toppings and asking what you want. No asking what they got, its just there. I wish Red Robin would just list the toppings and let you decide without having to have a long conversation with the waitstaff.

Drinks: Special mention for Bagger Dave's. The pop was apparently homemade. If we go back i will have to give it a shot and see if it is any good. The beer menu is a good selection of craft beer. No asking what they got, its just there. I appreciate that since most places I go I end up in a entirely too long conversation when I ask what they have.

Service: Weak, might have just been our server though. He seemed a bit overwhelmed trying to keep up with his tables.

Location: Red Robin is closer than Bagger Dave's. We usually do not make it down to Canal Ave. it is likely that out of sight out of mind will limit our return visits.