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The Shiraz

We periodically go out to dinner with another couple and this time around we were going to try The Shiraz. Unfortunately, life intervened and they were unable to make it so it was just Melissa and I. The chance for the two of us to spend time without the kids was certainly appealing though.

The Shiraz identifies itself as a Persian/Mediterranean restaurant and the decor seemed to match it well enough. The location is just off 28th street so the exterior and view from the windows are not terribly impressive. We arrived around six o'clock and tables were mostly empty. The private banquet room was closed off and empty. The main dining area only had half a dozen tables in use. The wait staff took the time to explain the menu which primarily consisted of various Kabobs and Khoresh's, though there was other stuff as well.

Melissa got one of the Kabob's while I got one of the Khoresh's. They were both well prepared and portions were not completely out of control like many restaurants. The food was not spicy hot and there was no one flavor that dominated the meal. You could actually taste the ingredients of the meal and this is something I appreciate, greatly. However, like the decor the food was nothing to write home about. I enjoyed the food well enough that I would certainly be willing to go back and try and find their standout items. However, Melissa was not impressed by the food and was more interested in trying other area restaurants next time around.

The real question is the service. On arrival, the dining room was mostly empty and they wait staff took the time to explain the menu, answer questions and get us what we needed. However, by 6:30pm and later the dining room was filling up and the wait staff were clearly understaffed. They tried to provide the same level of service but this meant long wait times and at least one group got up and left without even ordering. If you go I would recommend an early dinner to be on the safe side and avoid the window seats.

National Train Show at Devos Place

Today, I took my son to the North American Model Railroad Association train show at Devos Place. This is apparently a big deal if you are into model railroading. It looks like a number of people made coming to the convention their vacation for the year. We were looking for something a bit different than them though. He loves looking at train layouts in ways I cannot even explain. He has never expressed much interest in building one himself at any level of difficulty. It just is not his thing. Price was reasonable to get into the show although I have got to find a cheaper place to park downtown.

They look like they filled about two thirds of the main space so that was nice. It was more vendors than layouts but there were still a lot of layouts. The layouts ranged from two foot by two foot displays to displays that required multiple volunteers to run. They also has trains form tiny Z scale to larger O scale. Henry was in hog heaven. I do not feel I am exaggerating when I say that he spent at least 45 minutes per layout. He just couldn't get enough. I had to pry him away a few times to get him to look at different layouts. I did not get a chance to look at much of the vendor stuff but some of the stuff they were doing to show off the modeling gear and trains were impressively detailed. It was definitely a win and I am very glad we went.