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The Chop House

It turns out the The Chop House offers were free dinner on the day of your birthday. This seemed like a good excuse to try out the restaurant. The atmosphere was suitably pretentious but a bit dark. The table didn't seem big but I felt oddly disconnected from Melissa across the table.

The food was excellent. Melissa got a steak while I got the venison. The sides we got were cream corn and mushrooms. I think Melissa finally understood why I like cream corn. I guess it helps when the cream corn comes out of a high end restaurant instead of a forty cent can. We probably could have got by on just one side since they are served family style but we wanted to try a couple of things. The dessert I got was a creme brulee cheesecake. I have to be honest, this is probably the first time I didn't say that I prefer Jello No Bake. Normally, "real" cheesecake just takes like a brick of cream cheese to me. However, this had real flavor and texture that did scream for a bagel.

I am very glad we went and we will certainly be back.