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The Chop House

It turns out the The Chop House offers were free dinner on the day of your birthday. This seemed like a good excuse to try out the restaurant. The atmosphere was suitably pretentious but a bit dark. The table didn't seem big but I felt oddly disconnected from Melissa across the table.

The food was excellent. Melissa got a steak while I got the venison. The sides we got were cream corn and mushrooms. I think Melissa finally understood why I like cream corn. I guess it helps when the cream corn comes out of a high end restaurant instead of a forty cent can. We probably could have got by on just one side since they are served family style but we wanted to try a couple of things. The dessert I got was a creme brulee cheesecake. I have to be honest, this is probably the first time I didn't say that I prefer Jello No Bake. Normally, "real" cheesecake just takes like a brick of cream cheese to me. However, this had real flavor and texture that did scream for a bagel.

I am very glad we went and we will certainly be back.

More SCO fun

Okay, it isn't really fun. However, I just heard through the grape vine that Unixis, or however they capitalize it, has basically thrown in the towel on its newly acquired SCO products. They're just going to provide bug fixes and the like. The assumption is that if you are just going to virtualize you instances of SCO and call it a day. I suppose it makes sense and acknowledges that new installs of their products are unlikely to occur in any quantity.