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The Three Stooges movie

I finally went to see The Three Stooges movie at Celebration Woodland. I have to admit that despite being a big fan, I have never seen any of the full length movies, just the shorts. I mention this because I am not sure if my opinion on this movie would apply to the originals or not.

Either way the movie did have its' moments. There were scenes that were downright hilarious but not common enough. The plot should have been good enough but too thin for the material they had. They seemed to try and break the movie up into "episodes". However, they didn't really seem to correspond to anything of note humor or plotwise. It just served to disrupt an already weak script. It was as if a decision was made and the writing could not make it work completely. There were also several scenes where we had to stop and be serious a moment that threw things off for me. It gave the impression that these not just bumbling morons but genuinely cruel to each other. They might have been better off with stronger distinctions between the episodes and a looser tie in story. The integration of the various pieces was just not there.

Regardless of anything else, the casting was top notch. These guys made the most of what they had to work with. I'm not sure other actors could have done better. I still think it is worth seeing but a couple things will need to be true. This is not the Three Stooges of old. That style of humor is probably gone as far as anything new is concerned. It also requires being in the right mood. There are going to be spots that require more than the normal amount of good will to get through to enjoy the movie.

The Addams Family Musical

Today was the Addams Family musical. Melissa really enjoyed when we saw Mary Poppins when it came to town as part of Broadway Grand Rapids. This meant that when she saw the Addams Family coming to town, she got tickets. Unfortunately, just like with Mary Poppins she was trying to watch the show after working a third shift, meaning very little sleep.

The show itself was pretty funny. Uncle Fester served as the narrator. He was also particularly hilarious. I liked the bits with Cousin It and Thing in them. There really wasn't a regular place for them in the show but the bits they showed up in were funny. The one downside of it was that the focus felt uneven. There were a few points where it felt as if the writers realized they had swung to far from comedy bit to plot or vice versa and had to make a hard correction. I would have liked to have seen a bit more integration of the humor and plot.

I am glad we went. The downsides did not distract from the overall fun. It is certainly not the kind of thing that we normally get to do and that just added to the fun. The only other thing to say is that despite the Addam' being aimed at kids, there were a few lines that might not be appropriate for all children.