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Dinner at Skinny's

Tonight was dinner out before the kids catechism. The school was pushing some reading thing at one of the local restaurants. The place is called Skinnys and it is a small place with a huge menu. It seemed like thirty people would be about the max you could fit in there. The decor was kind of fun with a grab back of travel pictures, unique bottles/cans and other miscellaneous. The tables and chairs were a bit cramped but the place was packed they did not seem like they were used to it being that busy. However, the staff were still very friendly and the food arrived in a reasonable time frame.

The menu includes pizza, chicken, burgers, subs, pasta, some Mexican and a few other things. We got pizza, breadsticks and fried mushrooms. The mushrooms were excellent and the pizza was very good. The bread sticks were good as well but, than again, they're kinda hard to screw up. I am definitely interested in going back. They had an olive burger on their board and I would like to try the chicken.