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Sad but Funny

I ran across this a couple days ago. One the face of it, it is kind of funny. People start to actually exercise their rights and the system just cannot handle it. However, it turns sad when you realize how few people actually care about their privacy, despite claims to the contrary. If they truly cared they would not have given it to the world. What do people expect?

At work we long ago figured out that if there's a field on a form than most people will fill it in. We do not not need to require anything. However, if we do not want data collected it requires changes in software and diligent monitoring of staff. Folks are obsessed with hoarding data no matter the value.

Information is power and computers are not people they won't forget like we do. I wonder if the best privacy laws should require erasure instead of disclosure. It would certainly require some change in the way we do business but no more so than actually complying with disclosure rules requires.

If you're curious about more Facebook and their data retention, you can look at