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Updated MovableType

I finally updated MovableType to something that is not quite so horribly out of date. I'm not sure I did it right since I was in a hurry but everything works well enough for my purposes. Where well enough is defined as at all. :-)

The real challenge now is to come up with something worth writing about.

Henry rode a two wheeler

Henry finally road a two-wheeler unassisted. The funny part is that Melissa and I could find no way to motivate him. He would try a few times and than declare he couldn't do it. I have never understood why he gives up so easily on things. What did it take to motivate him? The blonde girl next door. :-) It seems when she got it in her head to teach him to ride a two-wheeler he was all kinds of motivated. He's got plenty of practicing to do but it looks like family bike rides are finally on the horizon. I note this so that in five or ten years I can tease him about it mercilessly. :-)

Lost in the Future

Tonight was fun. My brother and I went to see Lost in the Future at the Wealthy Theater. It is an independent film that was done by someone from my home town. It was pretty good and hopefully he'll get a chance to show it to a wider audience. Although, watching it reminded me that all to often how good or bad something is, doesn't really matter. It is more important that you have access to the machine.

The true highlight was the appearance of the Old Blue. The 1985 Chevy Custom Deluxe that I drove in High School and is still driven occasionally by my brother. It is too bad it did not have a larger role. I suppose it would have stole the movie so they had to limit it. :-)