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I learned to type on something like this.

It looks like the manual typewriter is officially obsolete. I'm not sure if I'm surprised they held on this long or not. This seems like the kind of product where finding your potential customers and letting them know you exist is probably a bigger concern than competition from newer products.

More fish... and more fish..

We were down to one mickey mouse platy. We then we bought two more and they had five kids. If they were human they would have called it a family and been done. Unfortunately, they had other ideas and now they've apparently had kids, yet again. What happened to fish eating their young? If they do not get going on this then things are going to get crowded.

Another Easter Egg hunt

We took the kids to the Wyoming Jaycees Easter Egg hunt this morning. They had a good time as usual and, of course, brought home more candy than any of us will ever eat. They had a pretty good turnout. Although it was nothing like a couple years ago when most other Easter Egg hunts were completely rained out. Hopefully, we can dump most of the candy off on people at work. :-)

T-Ball starts

Henry had his first t-ball practice today. His coaches were apparently out of town when practice times were picked so they're kinda all over the map but erthey are not too bad. Four times the first week for an hour each. We do not have the game schedule yet so we'll see how things are when that gets passed out. I just hope Henry does okay. I think it will be good for him to interact with other kids outside of school. The evenings can be tough for him though. It can also be hard to get him to practice things and he really needs to practice his throwing and catching for this to go well.