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Halloweened Out

It was more Halloween than the kids ever expected. I started simply enough on Thursday night with a trunk or treat at Tutor Time where Samantha goes to school. Her friend Chloe was there because she wanted to see Sam. They don't actually go to that daycare anymore but Chloe missed Samantha.

The action continued on Friday with another trunk or treat. This time is was at St. John Vianney and concluded with a movie.

We finally hit some traditional trick or treating on Saturday in Byron Center. Although not officially Halloween the folks in Byron Center, apparently, didn't like the idea of doing Halloween on Sunday so they encouraged their residents to celebrate on Saturday instead.

Sunday, Halloween!, we finally hit the big day and the kids are wiped out. They have no interest in a fourth night of Trick or Treating. Kids should have to be dragged home from trick or treating. I guess things just aren't the same when you have to trick or treat in broad daylight instead of the dark the way it should be. Another reason daylight savings time is evil.

Final Day

We visited the Grand Traverse lighthouse north of Suttons Bay. The lighthouse itself was apparently closed for the season and we missed out on tickets to their Halloween thing. The tickets for Saturday night were all sold out and the other dates were not an option for us. However, the lighthouse was still pretty cool and they also had a cabin setup to show how things were for early settlers. They also had the fog signal setup with some displays on it and some of the keepers gear so I do not think we really missed out on much. Their gift shop was also closed so I am not sure if they were smart enough to stock batteries. Either way, we were. :-) This time we got pictures.

Then we drove south along Lake Michigan until we stopped at Leland. Although it is a nice little town in its own right, the big draw is known as Fishtown. They have somehow managed to preserve an old fishing village. It is a bit late in the year so one or two places were closed but the setup was still impressive and they had some nice shops to walk through.

I enjoyed driving around almost as much as stopping in the various towns and villages. The scenery was is a site to see. It is probably a good thing it was, we spent more time than we planned and only made one more stop on the way home. This time it was at one of the Black Star Farms. This one was supposed to have both wines as well as cheese. Unfortunately, the place was absolutely packed. It seems that they have a hotel on premises and a bunch of farm related activities for the guests to do. We didn't bother to wait and try the wine. Instead, we bought some of their hard cider and some of the cheese they offered. It turned out that they only had one type of cheese. They'd both turn out to be good but in practice the whole thing was a bit of a disappointment. I can only hope that on another day there would more options or fewer people.

A weekend in Traverse City

We had a good breakfast at the hotel with eggs, ham and the like. I was a bit surprised that they had more than the usual waffles. The one downside of it was they did not have nearly enough tables by the food so like a bunch of people. We just grabbed our food and ate in room. I'd still recommend the place with a breakfast like that. Rooms are important but that kind of breakfast set it apart from the many similar hotels.

We later visited Old Mission Lighthouse then did a bit of shopping downtown. Lunch was at this cool hot dog place. I am not sure what it is about a hot dog place but the good ones always seem to make up in atmosphere for any perceived simplicity of the fare.

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in our hotel room and then had dinner at another place near downtown with a blue tractor theme because why not?

Final Football and Vacation

Today was the last football game of the year for Henry. He certainly enjoyed it and I am glad they rescheduled the game that got rained out. He especially enjoyed having people come out to watch him. Once he was done we headed out to Traverse City for a weekend without the kids.

We drove to Traverse City and once we checked into our hotel we headed up to Sutton's Bay. We did not have a lot of time but we figured we would just play the weekend by ear and see what happened. We started out by cashing in ten dollars of credit at one of the casinos in the area. Melissa managed to convert hers to twenty five dollars and probably an hour's worth of gambling. I blew threw mine in less than ten and ended up with nothing to show for it. We then walked around Suttons Bay and had some fun going through the shops.

Wineries will have to wait until tomorrow. Dinner was at place near our Hotel called the Red Mesa Grill. Melissa had been there before when her family visited the area and wanted to try it again. The food was decent mexican. I'm not sure it was anything to write home about but the Armadillo eggs were pretty good. Of course, how can you go wrong with deep fried mashed potato balls?

New Bed for Henry

We finally broke down and bought a new bed for Henry. He had been using my mattress and box springs. It was a good mattress and lasted a good long time. Nothing lasts forever though and it was time for a replacement. We got lucky because they had a mattress on discount that was sized as a twin but was originally intended to be a larger size. It seems there were some problems in the manufacturing process so they cut it down to size. I was not aware this was a thing so it was news to me. Perhaps more importantly, it meant that the mattress is better than we would have normally been able to afford.

Parking during ArtPrize

Not sure how this works but it seems like it easier to find parking downtown during ArtPrize than on a normal weekend.