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Halloweened Out

It was more Halloween than the kids ever expected. I started simply enough on Thursday night with a trunk or treat at Tutor Time where Samantha goes to school. Her friend Chloe was there because she wanted to see Sam. They don't actually go to that daycare anymore but Chloe missed Samantha.

The action continued on Friday with another trunk or treat. This time is was at St. John Vianney and concluded with a movie.

We finally hit some traditional trick or treating on Saturday in Byron Center. Although not officially Halloween the folks in Byron Center, apparently, didn't like the idea of doing Halloween on Sunday so they encouraged their residents to celebrate on Saturday instead.

Sunday, Halloween!, we finally hit the big day and the kids are wiped out. They have no interest in a fourth night of Trick or Treating. Kids should have to be dragged home from trick or treating. I guess things just aren't the same when you have to trick or treat in broad daylight instead of the dark the way it should be. Another reason daylight savings time is evil.