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Standardized Connectors

I have had a number of desktop computers over the years. They all have the same basic power cord. It's detachable so if it is damaged it is easily replaced. Why is it that nothing else is like this?

My favorite is cell phones. I have a phone for work and a phone for personal. They each have a connector that was claimed to be the "new standard everyone will be using". They're not the same connector and none of my wife's phones have used either connnector. This includes the phone she just got in the last week. This means we have five devices that uses four connectors. The only two devices that share a connector are the two iPods and that is proprietary to Apple.

Is there really that much money in requiring your own specific connector?

SCO's Unix assets going up for auction

I'm not sure how much value there is left in SCO's Unix assets. However, it seems that the bankruptcy case may finally be taking its toll. A press release says they're going to auction of their Unix assets. I'm not sure if this actually includes the products they're selling like Unixware or OpenServer or if they're trying to squeeze some life out of the old AT&T Unix Sys V stuff. I'm not sure that would make much sense since they do not seem to own anything in that regard and were just a licensing agent for Novell. It'll be interesting to see if anything happens or if it is just a stalling tactic/Hail Mary.