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Detroit Tigers game was fun

We were able to get to a Detroit Tigers game. Unfortunately, we were not staying the night so ended up leaving before the end of the game. There is just no way you can plan for a thirteen inning game. The worst part is that it apparently turned into a pitchers duel after we left. I certainly enjoy good pitching even if it is not a fashionable at the moment.

Checking the schedule is import

Today I got a gentle reminder to check the schedule. Little details like are import when the location is not actually the same from practice to practice and game to game. Luckily the game started ten minutes late so Henry didn't miss anything. He did pretty good overall. He was able to ran the ball a couple of times and seemed focused on the game. I will take that whenever we can get it.

Bought a chair and stove

It was a bit of an expensive few days. Melissa stopped by the Klingman's closing sale. She ended up buying a new chair for substantially less than retail. The story going around is that their bank is going under and they could not find someone who would finance them in time. Either way they needed to sell,we got a very nice chair and our old red chair. Not surprisingly, it did last long and soon disappeared.

If that was not enough we also bought a new stove. It was time and we decided replace the traditional electric coil we had with a glass surface stove. I am hoping it will be easier to keep clean but I am guessing it will just be differently a pain. Regardless, it should be far more functional and that is the big thing.

Standardized Connectors

I have had a number of desktop computers over the years. They all have the same basic power cord. It's detachable so if it is damaged it is easily replaced. Why is it that nothing else is like this?

My favorite is cell phones. I have a phone for work and a phone for personal. They each have a connector that was claimed to be the "new standard everyone will be using". They're not the same connector and none of my wife's phones have used either connnector. This includes the phone she just got in the last week. This means we have five devices that uses four connectors. The only two devices that share a connector are the two iPods and that is proprietary to Apple.

Is there really that much money in requiring your own specific connector?

SCO's Unix assets going up for auction

I'm not sure how much value there is left in SCO's Unix assets. However, it seems that the bankruptcy case may finally be taking its toll. A press release says they're going to auction of their Unix assets. I'm not sure if this actually includes the products they're selling like Unixware or OpenServer or if they're trying to squeeze some life out of the old AT&T Unix Sys V stuff. I'm not sure that would make much sense since they do not seem to own anything in that regard and were just a licensing agent for Novell. It'll be interesting to see if anything happens or if it is just a stalling tactic/Hail Mary.

Restroom Gender Parity in Federal Buildings Act

You cannot make this stuff up. The bill itself is pretty short. However, I have to say that this seems like a classic example of unnecessary legislation. Do we really need to make this a law? I would think having enough restrooms would be something you can rely on people fixing as buildings come up for renovations. Heck, a rule or two by the people who handle faciltieis for the government should be sufficient. Either way, the Washington Post has some commentary.