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Our fish fear change.

We had five "Mickey Mouse" Platys in our little ten gallon and all seemed to be going fine. Unfortunately, our efforts at snail removal were not that successful. They seem to have killed the plant that we had in the tank so we decided that more radical steps were in order. We were going to almost completely restart the tank.

The first step was removal of the decorations and their cleaning. We than removed all of the gravel and scrubbed the tank until it was free of snails and snail egg. Than we started setting it back up. The new gravel was a fresh clean mix of white with some blue. The pink gravel was sent to storage. We got a new a new plant bundle and replaced the decoration. We hoped that no snails; cleat and treated water; plus a filter that should still have a large healthy population of "good" bacteria would keep the fish healthy. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. In a few hours, we lost three of them. One had always been small and deformed, but it was still disappointing. The tank looks great and the remaining two fish both seem healthy. We'll give them a couple weeks and than probably see if they'll accept a third stooge.

Privacy is over-rated anyway.

One of these days the government is going to figure out that stupid ideas like this is why people do not trust the government. If you give people a reason to think you are out to get them then they will think you are out to get them. If not that, could they spend just a minute to think about how this will be abused. The machine does not have any ethics or morals it does not know the good guys from the bad guys.