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Little boy was the star of the show

Henry had his music performance last night. It was so much fun. They had all of the kindergartners and first graders at his school on stage to sing a few songs. Henry was on the far side of the stage and he did really good sitting through the first graders turn to sing. He seemed to sing pretty well when his turn came. I was glad to see that he was not afraid up on stage. I loved when he started looking around the crowd to try and find us and during the final song he just sat down when he was supposed to be standing up. It wasn't so much what he did but all the little things you could see in him when he was up there. I was really proud of how he did, especially considering he was one of the youngest kids that was up there.

Kite Festival in Grand Haven

We spent some time today at the Great Lakes Kite Festival in Grand Haven. I had never been to the festival but it was a lot of fun. The weather was perfect, clear skies, a nice steady breeze of the lake and not to hot. We didn't actually do much since we didn't have a kite or the money to buy one. The kids mostly played in the sand watched the kites. There were some truely impressive ones. They also had demonstrations done by various kite flying teams. They were able to use multiple lines on a kite to get it to do various tricks, etc. Even without the kites to watch it was enjoyable to just sit there outside and relax.

Another Carnival and time off mommy and daddy.

We had another school carnival today. I had thought the prices of St. John Vianney carnival were expensive. It turns out that I was wrong. We spent more at the Gladiola Elementary carnival for the same amount of time. It was fun but it was so busy that kids didn't get a chance to do as much stuff as they might have otherwise. I felt bad for Henry he'd been told he could get as much cotton candy as he wanted. It turns out the line was about twenty minutes long. He sat there and waited and waited and waited. He got what he waited and waited and waited. He finally got his cotton candy and he seemed happy. I just felt bad he had to wait so long for it when he'd been told he could have as much as he wanted.

The evening, however, was a treat for mom and dad. Melissa and I went out to dinner with her parents at Olive Garden and saw Shrek 3 afterwards. The food was good of course. I did learn that mussels have no real flavor of their own. Shrek 3 wasn't bad. It had some good one liners. However, I have to say that I have never really been a fan of the series. We'll see if it really is the last in the series. I have to think a spinoff, at least, is going to happen.

Public Works Open House

The City of Wyoming Public Works department had its open house today. It was a pretty simple affair for the most part. The kids got to climb into a police car as well as see various other city vehicles up close. It turns out the back see of a police car is hard plastic. Not exactly surprising but something that never occurred to me. There were a few handouts, ballons, etc. They even grilled hot dogs so the kids got to eat inside the building while oggling the equipment. However, the big hit was the back hoe. The line was pretty long and got longer as we waited. However, the kids did good waiting and seemed to enjoy watching the equipment run. They had it setup so that the kids take a turn at operating it a little bit. Henry and Samantha both really enjoyed it. In fact, based on her attempts at digging up the parking lot, Sammy may have found her calling. She just needs a pink hard hat and she's all set.

Carnival time again

St. John Vianney had its summer carnival again this weekend. We didn't spend a huge amount of time there. However, the kids got to go on a few rides and plays some games. We skipped the Ferris wheel this year because mommy isn't exactly a fan of them. She had to work so after she left the kids and I played on the playground for a while. I figure they enjoyed that just as much as the carnival rides themselves. The one thing I enjoy that I haven't been able to spend much time on was the classic car show. They seemed to have more cars this year than last year. If you get a chance you should stop by your local parish carnival. They can be a lot of fun for not a lot of time invested.

First trip to the lake of the year

The thing I like most about going up the lake is the lack of pressure to do anything. I can sit there and so absolutely nothing. The kids were pretty well behaved and spent most of the day playing nicely in the sandbox. We went for a ride on the pontoon and Sammy and Henry both had a chance to steer. They both did really well. Sammy enjoyed her first time at the wheel. Henry was a lot better at keeping it straight making nice gentle turns. I did feel bad for Melissa, she worked last night so she was running on two hours sleep. I think she had fun overall though and she got a nap in to get her through the day.

Day off and field trip with Henry

I'm sure many of you know that for various reasons I like to take my birthday off and hide in my room the entire day. Unfortunately, Melissa seems to have other ideas. This year she volunteered me to chaperone my sons field trip to Teussinks's Pony Farm.

It started out okay, except for the steady rain that wouldn't let up for the entire day. Henry's teacher immediately asked me if I could drive. It seems they didn't have enough room on the busses and some parents who were going to drive bailed on her. The tour of the farm was pretty basic. A visit to the barn and some animal introductions, pony rides for the kids, lunch, and finally a hayride and feeding of animals. The one thing that bugged me is how many of the parents seemed unwilling to do anything other than hide in the back.

Overall the kids seemed to have fun. Unfortunately, it was cut a bit short because of the rain.

Nature wins another one.

It seems that human hasn't quite triumphed over nature yet. It seems the Great Wall of China isn't quite so great. Beavers, apparently wanting to add insult to injury have decided to one up us in the visible from space department. It is truly a sad day for Mankind.

Ice cream and chocolate cake, no frosting

My birthday is coming up and Melissa got a cake. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew how to properly eat ice cream and cake. It is very simple, take the ice cream and chocolate cake and place it into a bowl. No frosting, ever. Next mix and mix and mix until you reach a soft serv consistency with the chocolate cake mixed in as tiny bits of cake. Enjoy. There is no other way to eat ice cream and cake.