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No means No, or at least that's what I thought...

I was always taught that no meant no. Now, I supposed there may be circumstances where people are fooling around that is not the case. I just never thought one of those cases would involve a jury. However, it seems that SCO has decided that the jury may have meant something else when they said no. Now, considering the shape SCO is in. It makes sense to through the Hail Mary. You never know. The judge may throw them a bone and give them another chance to get the unix copyrights back from Novell. It is still unlikely they'll ever win any money but you never know how long they could drag this out or how much money they can spend on it.

Google really is like Paris Hilton

I recently switched email over to Google mail for savings. I have to say that it is worth the price, but not more than that. Their obsession with cluttering my mail with crap I wanted deleted makes it difficult to use IMAP. I archive my mail locally so i can work around it. It is just annoying.

It has reinforced my opinion that Google is a classic example of success as a result of success not merit. Sorta like Paris Hilton is famous because she's famous.

It is the fault of all of us really. We'd rather deal with a big name idiot than a small name of any kind.