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Can we stop pretending Toyota is perfect now?

I'm just curious since I live in Michigan. Can we stop pretending Toyota is perfect now? Toyota has halted production and sales of eight models because they can't seem to design a gas pedal. They've been dinking around for three years and still haven't gotten it right. I'd have been impressed by this move if it had happened when they first realized there was a problem. Ignoring the problem and trying to sweep it under the rug for three years and only than dealing with it isn't impressive.


Donuts are good, regardless of what they're made of. This includes snow.

There are some crimes you shouldn't commit

There are crimes that you should never commit for any reason. No matter ho desperate you are, they are just not worth doing. The majority of these are obvious. However, I feel compelled to point out one that may not be obvious at first glance. You should never steal horse tails. You heard me. If you have ever contemplated such a crime than please professional help. There is nothing stealing a horse's tail will get you that is worth being that big of pathetic loser.