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Israel's security is apparently as bad as ours.

"Look someone has a laptop let's shoot it and tell her we blew it up. I'm not going to think about why the they thought it was a bomb. The weird thing is, if they really thought it was a bomb. Why would they be so dumb as to shoot it? Is that really a safe reliable way to dispose of a bomb?

Dumb a Public Service Announcement

Here's another Public Service Announcement for the youth out there. Nothing stays in Vegas and no one knows what you meant where thinking. They only know what you wrote.

Tomato Mince Pie

1/2 cup of sugar
1/4 cup of flour
1 jar (quart) green tomato mince

Mix ingredients. Pour into 9" pie shell. Cover with second shell. Bake about 45min. at 350 degrees, or until brown.