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Retail needs to be open weekends.

Why is it independent hardware stores are never open on Sundays? That is when stuff breaks! I get they want to be with their families but hire someone to work that day. You are missing out on most of my business being closed. I feel like I'm missing something since it isn't just limited to hardware stores. There's a nice butcher shop near us but we rarely go there because we do most of our shopping on Sundays. Saturday is usually too busy to even think about stuff like that. I suppose it could just be me.

This is how my life seems to go.

Tried to make mead today
I had to assemble turkey fryer to boil the ingredients.
Took forever because I'm not mechanically inclined.
Had trouble with the much gas/air mix because I couldn't see the flame.
Finally had it sorta figured out when the sink sprung a link.

This seems like a first

This seems like a first:

I wonder how, if at all, that will/could affect the abortion debate. It probably will not. Still, I think that's the first time I have heard someone who's pro-choice state that abortion is killing. I wonder if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Emo kids finally explained

It seems all those emo kids in middle schools around the country finally have an excuse for their ridiculousness. I remember reading an article a while back that found evidence that amphibians are having a lot of problems with this kind of thing. I cannot remember where it was and I'm not looking for it right now. However, the basis of that article was that amphibians were likely the canary in the mine. It is a serious issue and since most chemicals receive little real testing there will be more stuff like this popping up. We can only guess how it is going to affect us since realistically, we're not all going to be affected in the same way.

You are More than your DNA

I see stuff like this occasionally and it bugs me. Do we pay so little attention that history that we haven't figured out that this kind of stuff is garbage? I don't care why you did it. If you did it, that's what matters. Anything else is irrelevant. We now face the prospect of thought police competing with DNA police on how best to screw us over for not being some bureaucrat's ideal citizen. Is personal responsibility so terrifying?