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This is how medicine should work

I've never been a big fan of dumping foreign objects into a human. It just seems like there should be a better way. I know the real world gets in the way of ideals. However, researchers seems to get things right after they've exhausted all other options. :-)

If you've been following the stem cell debate you you're familiar with the debate over embryonic versus adult stem cells. I'll ignore the moral issues and focus on one of the breakthroughs that fits within my personal ideal. These guys have found a way to use run of the mill fat cells to grow this guy a bone he was missing. In the end the guy had his face without metal, plastic, or bits of someone else floating around inside of him. I just like that.

A good hard rain

This is cool. I will not pretend to know how likely it is but I like the idea of a planet that rains rocks. If someone hasn't written some scifi with this in it than they should.

Actually, I vaguely remember a short story of a planet that rained diamonds. Regardless, there should be more of this kind of stuff in scifi. Scifi should be more than just green women and pointy ears.