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"The printer is fine until we send something to print."

Brand Names on the way out?

Grocery stores are focusing on private label items more and more. Heck, my local grocery store has its own private label motor oil. Another one has a private label brand of electronics. Now it seems that Amazon is getting in on the act. You gotta think that a lot of brands are going to get squeezed. Small chains will never get the kind of deals that Walmart gets from suppliers. They have to offer their owns brands to have any chance at competing. Large chains like Walmart really don't need the brands anymore. I don't think brands will go away but it is going to get interesting.

Rockwell Reunion, fun. (yes, they are related to that Rockwell)

The Rockwell's are Melissa's paternal grandmother's family. It was a pretty standard reunion. They had food, a few games, pictures, and lots of getting to know some new people. I'm told they are related to the the artist, Norman Rockwell. I have no idea how close though.

Went to the cottage this weekend...

We went up to the cottage this weekend and of course that means good cheese. Now that alone is worth mentioning. However, this particular weekend was Cheddar Fest at Farm Country Cheese House. It wasn't a huge affair, but they had a good turnout. We didn't stay for the band or the free food but we got some baked goods and stocked up on cheese.