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Don't trust the three week thing.

The interface is lousy.

It is overpriced.

No one cares about email encryption. They should but they don't.

I'll spare you the details.

Gigabit Token Ring

Yeah, you heard me, gigabit Token Ring. They not only had 100 meg standard. They also released a gigabit standard. There are apparently no implementations of the gigabit but you can still get the 100 meg. The fact that someone even decided to standardize the gigabit standard is amazing. You have to wonder what those last meetings were like. Were they just going through the motions or did they actually think they might sell some gear.

2009 Train Festival in Owosso

Today was the Train Festival in Owosso. We really did not know what to expect but it was a great deal of fun for all of us. They had a bunch of different trains there of various types to go though. They also had a huge number of different layouts of various types and sizes. This includes a few put up by the host Steam Railroading Institute.

One of the coolest things was the Leviathan 63. It is a newly built train based on 1860s designs. It is the kind of train you think of when you picture a steam locomotive. They had it going around the turntable. The kids certainly got a kick out of it.

They had a few other things as well. The vendor tent was mostly for model railroaders but there were a few fun displays. The one that stuck out the most was the Lego train layout. I had no idea they had train pieces.

Another fun thing was they had a ride-on train layout that we were able to go on. It wasn't huge, obviously, but I've seen them around and it was something to do. You do have to be careful, they are tippy. Now if it was owned by someone we knew. Than we could have had some real fun with it. :-)

We did not go on any of the train rides because of both the cost and the likelihood that the kids would just be bored. Although I would like to thank the total stranger who gave us two tickets to get into the thing. It saved us a bundle of money and those tickets didn't go to waste.

Do people really buy from spammers? Yes.

We all get spam. In fact, most of us get so much spam that that nuemrous technologies have sprung up to try and replace it. IM, social networking, texting, etc are all just variations on email. The real question is why would anyone buy from a spammer. Do they really think that they're going to get good top notch products and services from a spam message? It turns out that they do.

The gory details.

Took the kids to the cottage

I took the kids up to the cottage. I have to confess we do not get up there much. However, we do try and get up there one or twice a year at least. The kids were happy to see Grandma, and they go to play in the sand in the horseshoe pits.

The highlight for them was probably when they went fishing in the channel. They'd never been fishing before so it was a pretty new experience for them. Sammy caught two and Henry caught one, although they got plenty more bites than that. Their reflexes were a bit slow and they couldn't seem to get their tug on the line to match the fishs'. Despite that, it was a pretty good first effort. I'll have to figure out how to get some pictures off my phone. I did not have a real camera, unfortunately.

Day off? What's that?

Melissa and I had the day off so we decided to do some fun stuff as a family. We all went to see Ice Age III. It was okay, Sammy started to get bored but it was a good first movie experience for her. The best part, again, was the squirrel. It is so fun doing stuff with the kids because everything is still so new to them. They get excited over everything. It makes things more fun just having them around for it.

Melissa and I had the evening to ourselves. The kids stayed over at Melissa's parents. While we went to Outback and than to a party at one of her friends'. Outback was fine but I have to be honest we hadn't been there in a while and I do not feel like I was missing anything. There's so many other places that I've never been to. I'd rather try something new than a run of the mill place I've been to plenty of times.