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Too old to play with daddy's keys.

Henry and Sammy like to play with mommy and daddy's keys. Unfortunately, this morning they decided to start the car for daddy. They succeeded. I gotta remember how smart and helpful Henry is. Luckily, nothing happened but it makes me worry what can happen with Henry when he tries to be all independent.

Washing machine died

Our washing machine had several "personality quirks." However, it finally died on Thursday. We ran out to Sears since that was all that was open. However, we waited and ended up getting one at Gerrit's. Appliance. It's a middle of the road model from Fisher & Paykel. It should use less water than a normal washing machine but more than the fancy front loaders. The reduction is enough that, although it can still use regular detergent, you apparently use less of it. We'll see how it goes.

We found Squishy! and Anchovy joins the crew...

We had some fun with the aquarium the last couple of days. Yesterday, I was home from work and had Henry to myself for part of the day. One of the things we did was get some new plants for the aquarium. We tried VI Pets but they didn't seem real big on plants so we ended up going to Petsmart. We got some Java Fern (Microsorum pteropus) and something else who's name I have to go back and look for again. They're both supposed to be low light plants. We've got just a generic incandescent light in the hood so they're mostly relying on the ambient light. Hopefully, they can hack it. Although, we've seen the shrimp attacking the remaining Red Ludwigia.

Today, we finally got the African Dwarf Frog (Hymenochirus). We went to VI Pets because they seem to have smaller/younger fish than the other places we've checked. Hopefully, this guy will be able to adapt to his new environment and not get harrassed too much. We'll see, I've read that sometimes tankmates will eat the food before they get to it. I'll have to have Melissa watch the first few times she feeds them to see what happens. I'm not sure where the name came from but we named him Anchovy. He joins a male Betta named Otter, and some ghost shrimp named The Stooges.

We actually have six, we think, ghost shrimp. Three of the four originals survive and they were joined today by a couple more that appear to be juveniles based on their size. The fun part was, Squishy, was seen for the first time in a week or two. We're pretty sure that one of the three originals is a female and Squishy is the only offspring to survive to noticeable "shrimphood".

Hopefully, they'll all get allong.

Fun night

First, the toilet clogged. Now this is no big deal. It clogs all the time. It is one of those toilet models that saves water by requiring several flushs and the occassional plunging. Henry had to "fix it" and wouldn't stop flushing it. Water ran into the floor vents and onto the heating/ac in the basement. It avoided the carpet down stairs but not but much. It got worse because at some point the toilet broke and simply continued running. He kept trying to fix things by getting out towels to dry up the water and had his hands in the tank thinking he could stop the water.

Four hours later and with lots of help from my father in law, I had learned how to tear apart and rebuild a toilet and dried up the water. Sammy than kept me up most of the rest of the night. Got about two-three hours sleep. Work the next day was "fun".


The Grand Rapids Public Museum has a special exhibit called Dinosaurs that is running right now. It seems they're running a special this week for $10. That includes not only the museum admission and the exhibit, but it also includes the planetarium show and a free meal of pizza and pasta. The kids seemed to get a kick out of the place and the food was surprisingly good. The planetarium shows were full up for the night so we got free passes to see it at a later date.

Are you going to

My son asked Melissa if she was going to We asked how he knew that and he rattled off the Chuck E Cheese website. I'm not sure what terrifies me more. The fact that he understands the web or that Chuck E Cheese's marketing is that good...