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A visit to impression five and getting in uncle dougies way

Impression 5

A bit like the Grand Rapids Children's Museum but oriented at older kids. It is also much more hands on science based. It really helps if the kids can read because some of the hands on exhibits had detailed instructions. It is obvious that their budget is a bit stretched with some of the exhibits needing some maintenace. However, there were several very new looking areas that were in great shape.

Lansing Model Railroad Club

They had a display in the basement. Henry spent an hour down there at least. It was long enough that mommy and I switched off once to keep things from getting boring for us mere adults.

We stopped at my mom's on the way back. I felt a little bit bad for stopping because they're redoing the bathroom and the place was a bit crowded. Still, someone's gotta watch uncle Dougie work and we're just folks to do it.