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No more Tutor Time for Henry

Henry got his second strike today. One more strike and he is kicked out for good. Melissa and I are talking about thing but we're probably going to try things completely different for Henry. Melissa wants to keep him home so she can work with him one on one. We'll have to work some things out but we should be able to make it work.

The whole thing is pretty depressing though. I feel like we're failing him. I just don't know what we can do to help him.


We were in Flint for the funeral of Melissa's paternal grandfather. My mom watched the kids so we didn't have to worry about entertaining them. It gave us a chance to spend more time talking to her family, even if it wasn't under good circumstances.

Still, I hate funerals.

Sammy decided to draw on daddy's laptop screen.

Sammy decided to draw on daddy's laptop screen. No permanant damage since Melissa caught her and got it. However, this is a good example of why daddys laptop is an el cheapo. If she had destroyed it I wouldn't be out nearly as muchas a normal laptop.

Waited in line for an hour to get a Wii fit

It seems the Nintendo Wii still isn't available in quantity. I spent an hour this morning waiting in line at Circuit City to get a Wii fit. There was a guy there who'd been waiting in line since 4am. Another guy was waiting in line since 5am. The store didn't open until 11am. I got there at 9am thinking it opend at 10am.

The result? 10am rolls around and several people who had just arrived didn't get wiis. However, you might have had a chance at a wii fit. The highlight though was when Melissa and the kids brought me hot chocolate. It was cold. :-)