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One more trip to the zoo

Mommy had to work so the kiddies and I were looking for something fun to do. The morning was typical although they got a chance to play in the basement. While down there I got talking to my friend matt online.

An hour later we were at the zoo with his kids. It was pretty interesting watching the kids with the animals. They seemed to have fun. Sam liked the penguins and the flamingos. Henry liked climbing on EVERYTHING. It was fun to watch Henry interact with Matt's son. They hadn't met before but they are similar in age and seemed to get along well right off the bat.

I like having a membership to the children's museum, especially during the winter when its not always fun to go outside. However, John Ball Zoo would be good to. We'll have to think about it during the winter and see how things go in the spring.

Halloween!!! Taking Candy from Strangers!!!

Halloween sure is a weird holiday. What other day do we tell kids to run around and take candy from strangers? Than again, maybe if we didn't hide in our houses all the time our neighbors wouldn't be strangers. Just a thought.

The kids had a hell of good time. We're still working on the manners of Halloween such as "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You" but they pretty much had it. The funniest part was Henry playing twenty questions with the people handing out candy. "Why do you have a bell on your porch? Where does the steps go? Where's your dog? Why don't you have a dog?" The one nice thing about is that they have a good time with it but are not candy obsessed.

I just wish they didn't mess with daylight savings time. Halloween is more fun when its dark out and things are at least a little scary. Oh well, as long as Congress thinks daylight savings time accomplishes something good than we're stuck with it. Just for the record, it doesn't.