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Progress on integration

I uploaded the Quote of the Day stuff from the old side to the new site. They are just blog postings with their own category. I posted them under their original post date but chose noon for the time because I longer have a record of the original.

I also added one of the short and not so useful or detailed unix notes that I had on the old site. I'd like to go over and update some of the others and post them as well. i do not expect anyone will benefit from them but you never know I suppose. Either way, it should simplify things with the sites I maintain.

Finally setup Movabletype on this site

I finally got Movabletype setup on this thing. Unfortunately, it took long enough that I won't have time tonight to move some of the junk over from the old site. It isn't a huge deal since no one cares. Not even me, really. I'll get to it eventually though.