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Landline is nickel and diming itself to death

Why does AT&T still charge for Caller ID? Do any cell phone companies charge for Caller ID? The landline companies could bundle in a bunch of features and it wouldn't cost them very much money. It would, however, gain them some desperately needed good will and customer retention. They also need to figure out there's a lot of people who don't want an $30 bill for a connection they don't use much. They really need to figure out that $10 from a customer is better than $0.

Of course, they could have decided that they cannot make enough money off of landlines to make it worth trying to compete. If that is the case than it makes sense. Just keep soaking people until you can shut the network down. The long lines will than be free for wireless back haul and business connections. Triple-play becomes just one way of easing the shutdown process.