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Second Shift isn't that much fun

Melissa's finishing up a rough week at work. She worked something like five 3pm-11pm shifts and a 11am-7pm shift. The kids are getting to the point that they notice things like that. Saturday, we went up to the cottage and today we went to the zoo. I hope that'll keep their minds off of it a little bit. Tomorrow, we'll both be home and Melissa's home most of the rest of the week. She's keeping the kids home so it should be interesting.

Bucket o' Pop and Barrel o' Popcorn

Melissa and I went to the movies and played the Deal or No Deal arcade game. It offers points towards concession food. Melissa and I did pretty well on two bucks worth and earned two pops and a bucket of popcorn. We don't normally do concessions so I'm not sure when they got so big but they were huge. Afterwards, we weren't hungry for dinner and we hadn't even tried and finish the popcorn. No wonder concessions are so expensive, you're buying enough food to feed a small African country.

Cheap electronics

A few years ago I broke down and bought a wireless router for my DSL back home. I do not own a laptop but I occasionally bring home my laptop from work. This only merits mention for two reasons. One was that I got it on clearance for five bucks. The other is that I saw my new neighbor for the first time when he was using my wireless internet around midnight on my front lawn. Weird.

It finally died the other day and after a week or two of looking I finally broke down and went to buy a new one. I had hoped to get one that I could install my own software for more geek value. Those ended up being over fifty bucks so I resigned myself to a more run of the mill model. I hit various office supply and electronics stores and the best deal was at Sears of all places. I was going to head back there when I stopped at Meijer for a few groceries. I came out with a forty dollar router for seventeen bucks. :-)

Measure twice, Cut once

It's more of a carpentry phrase but it applies in other things as well. A good example is what I did today. I've not been real happy with any of the hosting company's I've tried. One was blacklisted as a spammer by some mail servers. Another seemed to be a spammer themselves. I finally found one I liked and I've slow been moving things over to that site. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention and managed to close out one of the old accounts while it was still a live site. It's not a huge deal, it will not affect mail and hardly anybody goes to either site. Still, it's an annoying and bit embarrassing, thing to do.

Is it bad when the starter doesn't turnover?

It looks like I'm going to need a new battery. I was able to jump the car and get it working but it wasn't holding a charge. Good thing that my portable jump starter was charged. It did better than when the alternator went out a few months ago. It was back than I discovered the hard way that they need to be recharged every month or two even without use. They won't hold a charge for six or seven months. :-(

A trip to the zoo

I've mentioned John Ball Zoo before so I'll skip the details. We went again because our membership to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum got us in free. It isn't huge but its big enough for the kids to have fun with and close by. We really need to get them out to Potter Park Zoo and Binder Park Zoo. I figure they'd get a real kick out of the Wild Africa exhibit. We'll see next year whether it'll be worth the drive or if they'll still be too young. The Detroit Zoo will definitely have to wait a while.

Cousin's bachelor party

My cousin Andy's finally getting married and today was his bachelor party. I skipped the golf and the evening activities. However, I was able to kill part of an afternoon there. I knew a few of the people there but most of them were my cousin's friends who I didn't know. I gotta be honest, I hate being in those situations. I'm not out-going and it takes me a while to get comfortable around people. One of these days I've got to work on that.