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Decisions... Decisions... Which computer do I get?

I've been wanting to get a laptop of some kind for a while. The problem is that I don't have a lot of money to spend and I do not really want to get a normal size laptop. The primary use of it would be email and basic web browsing. The only real criteria would be the size. I want something that's extremely portable. It looks like things are finally beginning to look up for me. Computers like the Atom processor and AMD planning similar products. Now that the products are available I have to do the hard part and figure out when to buy so that I enjoy my purchase and only immediately regret it when something faster/cheaper replaces it on the shelf.

The other thing that I've been thinking about is that I've got some Windows software that I still want to run and some Mac software that I'd also like to have at home. Now the new Macs can also run Windows so I could kill two birds with one stone there. The problem is that Apple's not know for its product selection at the moment. There are rumors of price cuts and new products coming out but the MacBook Air was recently released and that is not even close to what I want. I could just get a mac mini but that's not very portable and it would be nice to have a portable.

Here's hoping that by Christmas Apple's got a nice ultra portable that doesn't break the bank. It'd sure be nice to buy one computer and get both the software compatibility and portability that I want.