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Whitehat's wedding

Interesting thing about the internet is that you sometimes meet people for the first time when you are invited to their wedding. Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay very long at the reception. Melissa's parents were watching the kids at their house and we didn't want to leave them with the kids too long. If the kids get tired they can get more rambunctious than usual.

It was fun though. I talk to a few people online who are members of the computer club at Western Michigan University. It was nice to match names and faces to people I usually only know by their handles. I also got a chance to talk to Tim who I went to school with but I hadn't seen in a while. Never actually got a chance to talk to whitehat or his bride but that's life I suppose.

Home joy! Kid problems... not so much

There always needs to be balance in the universe. One one hand I am very happy to be home. On the other hand, the problems with kids at the daycare definitely bring me back down. Life is like that though.

Decisions... Decisions... Which computer do I get?

I've been wanting to get a laptop of some kind for a while. The problem is that I don't have a lot of money to spend and I do not really want to get a normal size laptop. The primary use of it would be email and basic web browsing. The only real criteria would be the size. I want something that's extremely portable. It looks like things are finally beginning to look up for me. Computers like the Atom processor and AMD planning similar products. Now that the products are available I have to do the hard part and figure out when to buy so that I enjoy my purchase and only immediately regret it when something faster/cheaper replaces it on the shelf.

The other thing that I've been thinking about is that I've got some Windows software that I still want to run and some Mac software that I'd also like to have at home. Now the new Macs can also run Windows so I could kill two birds with one stone there. The problem is that Apple's not know for its product selection at the moment. There are rumors of price cuts and new products coming out but the MacBook Air was recently released and that is not even close to what I want. I could just get a mac mini but that's not very portable and it would be nice to have a portable.

Here's hoping that by Christmas Apple's got a nice ultra portable that doesn't break the bank. It'd sure be nice to buy one computer and get both the software compatibility and portability that I want.

Almost time to go home soon

It is almost time to go home. Okay, It is a couple of days yet but I am really looking forward to being home. The classes have been okay. A few were good and a few bad and that is to be expected. Tuesday night they provided tickets to a Cardinals' game so that gave me something to do at least for that night. The rest has been boring. I went for a couple of walks, watched tv, and read the newspaper the hotel provides.

I walked over to the arch but at seven bucks it really wasn't worth the glorified elevator ride. I looked at the brewery and stuff like that but they were either closed in the evenings or not worth the money. I suppose that makes me boring but what do you do? I've gone one more day of classes tomorrow and than an early flight. I figure that makes tomorrow an early night. I need to arrange a cab or see if the concierge knows of another way of getting me to the Hotel. The flight is at 6:30 a.m. so the shuttle and such won't get me there in time. We'll see what happens.

Either way daddy gets to his kids soon and that's a lot better than the just talking to them over the phone.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

I had figured I'd miss mass this weekend because of traveling to St. Louis and my own complete inability to plan ahead. However, I discovered that the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louiswas only a mere 4.1 miles away in 100 degree weather. I needed to clear my head so I went for a walk. I managed to arrive just in time for communion drenched in sweat. I suppose it was better than missing it completely.

The Basilica, on the other hand, was beautiful. I grew up in a church that was functional. I'm not saying it was ugly. It just wasn't built for beauty in the same way that the Basilica was. St. Joe in Pewamo was nice but again it was built for functionality. The Basilica is completely different. It is the kinda church you think about as being Europe or something like that. It has the mosaics and stone you don't really see most places. I highly recommend stopping by if you're ever in the area. They do have tours and a museum but just go to one of the masses.

A nice new laptop bag

I finished registering for PowerSchool University here in St. Louis. I brought a laptop with me but I also requested that they provide one as well. I'm glad I did. They had some stuff configured already saving me some time.

The highlight was the stuff I can keep. They provided a backpack of reasonably decent quality that's setup with a pocket for a laptop. It makes me feel bad that I don't actually own a laptop to go with it. Hopefully, now that Melissa's done with school and working a little more, I'll be able to get one.

Finally arrived at the hotel in St. Louis

In case you don't know. I'm in St. Louis this week for training on our student information system, Powerschool.

I finally arrived at the
Hilton at the Ballpark in St. Louis. In case you hadn't guessed, the hotel is almost on top of the Cardinal's Busch Stadium. Unfortunately, I don't have a view of the stadium from the room but the cityscape is still nice.

The flight was from Grand Rapids to Detroit to St. Louis and a bit rough for my stomach. I'm glad it wasn't any longer or I might have had to use the "motion discomfort" bag. I got lucky in Detroit and ran into a few people I'd met at a previous Powerschool thing. The reason I was lucky is that I had no idea where the shuttle bus was once I got to St. Louis. It took forever getting to the hotel because we thought we paid at the bus and ended up at the back of a long line to get tickets for the shuttle bus. We could have bought our tickets while we were waiting for our luggage and saved a bunch of time. I guess its a lesson for next time.

There isn't much to do today so I'll have to find something to do. Probably go for a walk and explorer the downtown a bit. I'm not sure though since its extremely hot for my tastes.

Night without the kids

Melissa had some friends over last night so we had my mom watch them overnight. It was weird night. First, I can only really remember one other night where I was without the kids. Throughout the night I kept stopping and wondering where the kids were. Even this morning I still kept wondering why the kids were so quiet. Once we picked up the kids things began to feel normal again. I'm not going to pretend that its always fun dealing with how the kids behave but they mean well and it is what I'm used to.