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Satellite dish was finally moved

The satellite dish guy finally came out and moved the dish to get it farther from the tree. The funny part is we haven't been having any problems the last week or so. Regardless, I'm glad he's out and got it done. The receiver says the signal's a lot stronger so maybe we can go back to not thinking about it for a while. The best part was that the guy had to borrow our digital camera to take pictures of the before and after. It seems that after vehicle problems and scheduling problems he now had camera problems.

Bad Business and ice cream trucks

I see plenty of things that I just do not understand. Today was a good example. There's an ice cream truck that goes through our neighborhood periodically. Today he was speeding down a residential street faster than I would drive. Obviously not looking for customers. We were in the driveway and couldn't flag him down in time. We really did want to get ice cream that day. Now, you'd think with gas being as expensive as it is that they'd be desperate for customers.

Wood Chips and Dr Seuss

One of the joys of home-ownership is yard work. We finally got a 1/2 yard of red dyed wood chips from Brink Wood Products. We didn't put any down last year and things were looking pretty rough as a result. We got my father-in-law to give us a hand because we don't have a truck and he does. Unfortunately, it looked like rain the day we planned on putting them down so couldn't put them down after getting them. The dye needs time to dry so my father-in-law said he'd watch the weather and bring them over later once the weather cleared.

I figured that meant I had the afternoon and went to see the Dr. Seuss art exhibit put on by Pinnacle Art Group. It was pretty cool to see more of the work he did other than the kids books. Its worth a look if you get a chance.

I get back and find out that my wife and father-in-law had put down all the chips because the weather turned out to be fine. I feel bad not being able to help but it looks like we estimated correctly.

Another important use of the internet

Yet another way to slack off at work. You can read various classic novels. You can read at work. There selection isn't as good as Project Gutenberg but they're formatted to look like business documents. It is a fun little site, although, I wouldn't want to actually read very much text that way.

Trees grow in the winter

We've been having problems with our Dish Network receiver losing its signal more and more often. It didn't seem to have anything to do with the weather. It happened one day in January and has gotten significantly worse since. Dish sent someone out who promptly diagnosed the problem as a tree had grown into the path between the dish and the satellite. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a clear answer as to how this happened during the winter when trees aren't growing and don't have any leaves. It seems that losing its leaves would have helped improve the reception. Now I might have believed this if not for the part where he explained that the tree was only blocking one of the two satellites the dish receives signals from and that we would have no problem with local channels. This is wrong. If it loses signal, it loses all channels every time we checked. Oh well, he's going to come back and move the dish and rerun the cables. Hopefully, this will fix the problem regardless of the cause.

Try changing your tire... Really...

We had a visitor today at the office. Apparently, these two kids had gotten a flat and were a little suspicious of their jack. They also discovered that they had no tire iron. We were able to help them on both counts but that was not the end of our little adventure. The tire was "frozen" on. It took probably twenty minutes to a half hour to pry it off. We didn't stop there either. The spare didn't fit. Now there are probably several ways this could happen. In our case it turned out there were two spares. The spare that came with the car was... can you guess? It was rusted into the storage spare. It took probably another 45 minutes to unscrew it using a pry bar and hammer combo. We finally got them on their way but it brought up an important point. Please try putting the spare on your car. It won't hurt much and the experience will likely teach you a thing or two.

Rainbow Grill

We went to a place called the Rainbow Grill in Grandville on Chicago DR. I had driven by the place daily for a while now. They've had a sign up for "Old fashioned bubbly chocolate sodas" and my curious got the better of me. Now it turns out they have to different parts to the restaurant. One is a normal restaurant with waitstaff. However, there is a separate room that doesn't have waitstaff. Instead, there is a phone at each table and some menus. Once you know what you want you call in your order. There are people who bring out your food and someone wandering around making sure you had water and such. It was an interesting experience and the food was good. The soda from the sign was good but had so much ice cream in the top that it was difficult to eat or drink off of it without it overflowing. The biggest thing was that it was really laid back. People kept to themselves, there wasn't a bunch of wait staff running around, it was quiet, and no one seemed to mind the kids.