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Henry's shrink results

The guy said Henry is showing signs of ADHD. He also said his gut is that Henry will be diagnosed as such at some point in the future. However, right now he did not feel comfortable stating it for sure. He gave some information on things to try and the names of a couple people we could talk to if things do not get better with Henry. Hopefully, he will grow out of it or least learn to deal with it. We'll just have to keep working with him.

Memorial Weekend

It was pretty boring. Her parents are in Wisconsin so we didn't have anywhere to go. Saturday was Jake's graduation party at least. I guess he's got baseball other weekends so he had to do it over Memorial Day. It worked for us at least. My mom had grad parties up near Beal City so we couldn't bother them. Interesting thing about Jake's party is that he's going to donate to charity instead of sending thank you notes. Its a nice gesture and more practical than the traditional thank you. People don't really care about the thank yous we just feel they have to sent.

Frederick Meijer Gardens on the cheap.

We went to Frederick Meijer Gardens and the kids had a blast. We have a membership to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum and they're doing this thing that each month for the next few you get free admisison to another similar place. This month we can get into the gardens for free. The kids had a lot of fun in the children's area. We finally took the tram ride around the park after missing out the previous times that we have gone. The kids practically fell asleep at the end but we had fun. Melissa and I had no idea there was so much more to the park that we hadn't seen. We'll have to go back so the kids can play at the mini-farm they have. We'd probably have to go back by ourselves to see the sculptures.

Birthday dinner without the kids.

I'm not sure about other people with kids that are young but for us going out to dinner takes planning. In fact it is often an all day project. The first part is running them ragged. In order to accomplish this we took the kids to PlayWorld in Jenison. This needs to be scheduled appropriately because you want them to sleep until closer to the sitter's arrival. This way they are bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and easier to deal with. The sitter, of course, is the most important part. You need to get the right sitter because you cannot take them to dinner and the right sitter ensures that its fun for them. The wrong sitter can mean screaming moments while you leave and that's not fun for anyone. It apparently worked because the sitter seemed to have an easier time of things tonight. The kids love her and she's really good with them. The only weird thing is that she has a tendency to buy them things when she comes over to watch them. She doesn't need to do that.

Oh well. All that work just so Melissa and I could go out with her parents for dinner. Her dad's birthday is this week and there is no way we were going to try and take the kids for anything nicer than McDonald's. Although, even McDonald's requires careful gauging of their moods.

National Marrow Donor Program

The National Marrow Donor Program is the registry that is used to find people to donate bone marrow. My wife and I recently signed up and you should as well. Its a pretty simple thing to do and unlike donating blood there's not much in the way of continuing effort once you've signed up. (You should be donating blood as well.) The only thing you'd have to do is keep them updated with your contact information. I'm pretty sure you can handle that.

Another traditional weekend

It seems tradition for something lousy to happen on or around my birthday. It also seems that if I'm around other people than it can happen to them instead. Mother's Day falling on my birthday this year meant we were visiting my family for the weekend. This year my mom's boyfriend managed to fall, cut his hand and break several of his teeth trying to avoid stepping on my daughter. I'd be unhappy but I'm just grateful that it wasn't me. :-)

the office birthday party

I had hoped that it wouldn't happen. I'm a geek, everybody knows we have no social skills. Who would torture me like that? Susan. I should have known. The second she came into our office and wasn't asking me for help I knew something was up. My boss and I share an office, and she never asks my boss for help. A minute later my boss calls for help in the back board room. Oh well, I got through it and everyone was, hopefully, just as uncomfortable as me.

Henry likes lighthouses

We took the kids out to Grand Haven for a couple of hours today. They had never been there so we thought it would be a fun way of getting out of the house. Henry loved the lighthouses and the drawing in the sand. We got a couple of pictures of Henry out on the pier. Mommy and Sammi decided to stay off the pier so it was just Henry and I. It was a bit nerve-wracking even with just Henry since he constantly wanted to look down off the side of the pier. It was a lot of fun though. He waved to the boats, and of course, asked what everything was. We finished it up with a short walk along the beach and Sammi and Henry practiced their letters in the sand.

Sammi's day with mommy.

I mentioned Henry a day with mommy all to himself. Today was Samantha's turn. She played a little bit with mommy and than slept for about four hours. I guess Mommy and her played hard. :-)

Kids never learn what you want them to.

Melissa had some time off this week because of semester breaks and whatnot so she decided to spend the day with Henry. Part of this involved going to Playworld. Henry said it "rocked", complete with devil horns. (Thanks Uncle Dougie!)

This brought up another Henry-related issue. Kids like to try and get Henry in trouble. Henry is not a subtle kid. You pretty much know where he stands for better or worse. Other kids, however, are a lot more sneaking. One kid spent about a half hour trying to get Henry into trouble. We know this because he bragged to his other three year old friends that he was going to do it and Melissa overheard him and than watched him in his various attempts. It is not the first we've seen kids try and provoke Henry. It is hard because he doesn't get that sometimes kids will be mean to him only when the teachers/adults/parents aren't looking. He's not a subtle kid. You pretty much know where he stands.

Melissa decided it was time to leave when a bunch of useless parents decided their 14 year olds should be playing tag in the same area as three year olds. What exactly goes through some people's heads?