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Another year... Another web host...

I've been thinking about changing how I do the hosting for my sites. First of all, I'm going to probably switch the email hosting to 1 and 1. They offer cheap email hosting and I've heard good things about them. The two most recent web hosts I have used have given me trouble in that area. Pronet Hosting was cheap and reliable for the cost but they were on several spam lists and that doesn't work for email. Routhost seems to sell your address to spammers because I literally started getting spam ten minutes after I signed up with them. I went from one or two spam a week to fifty to a hundred a day. Now it could be coincidence but I doubt it.

The second thing I am going to do is move my web hosting to Nearly Free Speech. I have not heard of them until recently but a friend of mine is willing to trust them and they look to have a pricing plan that should keep my costs down. I don't want to have to pay for space, bandwidth and other features I will not use just to get reliability and these guys might fit the bill. I also think it is worth the risk since they won't be doing my email. In fact, they don't do email at all. If things don't work out than I can just move the site and not have to worry that I may have lost some email messages. I'm not sure when I'll have time to do it but it should be interesting