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Another year... Another web host...

I've been thinking about changing how I do the hosting for my sites. First of all, I'm going to probably switch the email hosting to 1 and 1. They offer cheap email hosting and I've heard good things about them. The two most recent web hosts I have used have given me trouble in that area. Pronet Hosting was cheap and reliable for the cost but they were on several spam lists and that doesn't work for email. Routhost seems to sell your address to spammers because I literally started getting spam ten minutes after I signed up with them. I went from one or two spam a week to fifty to a hundred a day. Now it could be coincidence but I doubt it.

The second thing I am going to do is move my web hosting to Nearly Free Speech. I have not heard of them until recently but a friend of mine is willing to trust them and they look to have a pricing plan that should keep my costs down. I don't want to have to pay for space, bandwidth and other features I will not use just to get reliability and these guys might fit the bill. I also think it is worth the risk since they won't be doing my email. In fact, they don't do email at all. If things don't work out than I can just move the site and not have to worry that I may have lost some email messages. I'm not sure when I'll have time to do it but it should be interesting

Sammy's been potty training..

Our little Sammy decided that even though she wasn't quite two years old. It was time to start using the potty like her brother. She's getting pretty good at it although it'll be a while before she's in underwear. It is still pretty cool that our little girl who's not talking that much is learning to use the potty. I feel bad because it seems like we haven't spent enough time working with her on her letters, words, etc. I'm going to try and read to her more often and sing the ABC song more often. Hopefully, it'll help. I'm not worried that she won't learn it. I just don't want neglect her. She's at least as smart as Henry. :-)

We're not good enough for this dryer.

We finally broke down and bought a new dryer. The old one had gotten progressively more threatening with its noise. Even if it wasn't getting very loud and rough, it was still an old and inefficient electric model. Now ordinarily that's not really news. However, the thing is so quiet compared to our old dryer. It will buzz multiple times so it is harder to forget about the laundry when it finishes. I'm not sure if we're zoned for a dryer this nice. Plus the thing is huge compared to our old dryer. Now our washing machine is still pretty small in comparison, but one thing at a time.

AT&T finally fixes the land line

AT&T finally fixed the phone line. Stupid AT&T. They didn't even bother to say what they fixed or that they fixed anything. They just left a blank work order in the door. You'd think that at least the appearance of service would be important if they want to keep their land line customers. I imagine they figure they can bleed their landline customers long enough to fund their purchase of the cell phone market.

Still no functioning land line.

Monday 8pm came and went. Our phones still do not work and there is no evidence anyone even came out to take a peak.

Not the best start to a weekend.

Well, we're limping into the weekend. We've been sick all week with Henry. Henry was sick at home on Monday with Grandma Hoffman and came home from daycare on Tuesday. He than stayed home Wednesday and Thursday. I felt bad for him since it was finally his turn to be the "star" of the week at his daycare and he missed out on most of the fun. Mommy wasn't much better, missing a couple of days of work. Sammy and I did okay though and managed to leave the house everyday except Wednesday when the school I worked at was closed.

The final insult was sometime Thursday or Friday our landline phone went down. We dink'd around for a while trying to see if one of our phones has causing the problem but it was the line. You'd think that for $50 a month they could keep the thing up. It is not as if we require much. We don't make many calls and only have light internet usage. We're certainly a profitable account for them.

They wouldn't even let us report it. We tried all the numbers we had for them but none of them picked up when we called. We tried both our cell phones and having Melissa's parents calling each of the numbers the phone book had listed. They all gave a similar error message. We had to get Melissa's mom, who used to do phone work at Spartan, to call AT&T and report the problem via a service line she knew about. They said they'd try and have it fixed by Monday 8pm, 72 hours later.