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Looks Mediocre!

It look multiple hours interrupted by a sick child but I seem to have figured out, sorta, MT4s templates. I prefer just off white text on just off black background. This is pretty uncommon way of doing things apparently so end up having to tweak somebody else's template. I hate doing it this way because I'm never sure if doing it from scratch would have been faster. Either way, I eventually figured out enough of the .css/html etc to beat the template into something close to what I want. The domain isn't actually pointed at this blog yet but there's time enough for that.

SCO shares are now worth 0.0550 dollars

Shares of SCO are now worth 5.5 cents each. I normally feel bad when a company is obviously failing because it obviously affects a lot of regular people. However, I'll make an exception with SCO. The current management has managed to make just about every mistake possible. They've sued their customers, potential customers, companies a hundred times their size, and managed to piss off everybody else. The worst part is they apparently launched the lawsuits without actually confirming that they had a case. They had to learn the hard way that they didn't have a case.