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Looks Mediocre!

It look multiple hours interrupted by a sick child but I seem to have figured out, sorta, MT4s templates. I prefer just off white text on just off black background. This is pretty uncommon way of doing things apparently so end up having to tweak somebody else's template. I hate doing it this way because I'm never sure if doing it from scratch would have been faster. Either way, I eventually figured out enough of the .css/html etc to beat the template into something close to what I want. The domain isn't actually pointed at this blog yet but there's time enough for that.

Snow Day!

Today was a snow day around here so it was shaping up to be a pretty good day. Unfortunately, it went downhill before too long. Henry's daycare closed so instead of spending the day cleaning the basement, it was spent with Henry. Ordinarily it would be fun to spend some time with the little guy. However Henry is potty training and it didn't go real well. Two poopy underwear and a pee underwear and I was ready for Henry to take a nap. Surprisingly, he did take a nap. He ended up sleeping for four hours. Melissa had to go to school so she wasn't around to help. However, she came home with a migraine and the evening turned out pretty good. Although, Sammy was apparently missing mommy and would not leave mommy alone.

SCO shares are now worth 0.0550 dollars

Shares of SCO are now worth 5.5 cents each. I normally feel bad when a company is obviously failing because it obviously affects a lot of regular people. However, I'll make an exception with SCO. The current management has managed to make just about every mistake possible. They've sued their customers, potential customers, companies a hundred times their size, and managed to piss off everybody else. The worst part is they apparently launched the lawsuits without actually confirming that they had a case. They had to learn the hard way that they didn't have a case.

Arcade Nostalgia

This isn't related to anything in particular but just in case someone has money they don't know what to do with. We can help you spend it. I'm not sure about anyone else but Melissa have a soft spot for arcade and pinball games. We'd really like to get a good pinball machine one of these days. We don't play often enough to have any particular one in mind but I'm sure we could figure something out. I'd also like a Pac Man 25th Anniversary machine since this has Pac Man Ms Pac Man and Galaga all on the same machine and a Simpson's machine like this one. There are plenty of good arcade machines but these two have some good memories associated with them.

There are probably cheaper ways of playing those arcade games but it is just not the same compared to an actual arcade machine. We'll probably never get one since they're a couple grand each, but still, it'd be cool. Now if you've got money burning a whole in your pocket... :-)

Visiting people and points east

Melissa went to Lansing to meet Ebony, Sherri, and baby Malik for a little shopping, dinner, and catching up. Henry, Sammi and I visited with my Mom and Glen. We don't get out to the farm very often so it is nice when we can get the kids out there. The change of scenery and the ability to see my family in their own home gives the kids a little different view. The kids love all of the extra room to run around. Despite the cold outside they still have a good time. Mom made brat's and when Melissa got back and we had even more fun. A good weekend.

The Doodlebops!

Henry had a big day today. Melissa took Henry to see the Doodlebops Live! with her friend Holly and her kids. The five of them had popcorn, show cones and a lot of fun. One aspect that emphasized the little kid nature of the audience was the intermission part way through for potty breaks. :-) It was capped off by a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman later in the day.

Plumbing fun

There are a number of reasons that someone might have to leave early from work. There are some that are good and some that are bad. However, one of the worst ones is going home early from work because of plumbing "issues". Once I got home it turned out that the water wasn't as bad as I thought though. A couple rounds with the Shop Vac got most of it up. A big thanks to her dad for bringing over his Shop Vac and cleaning up much of it before I got home.

It didn't seem to hit the carpet/drywall/etc so there doesn't appear to be any damage. We just needed to deal with the source of the water. It turned out the floor drain was just logged and when the washing machine tried to drain empty it just ended up on the concrete floor. It would turn out that the longest amount of time was the few hours to get a plumber out, followed by another two he took to snake the drain. He apparently gave up on his initial tool and had to get another that is was a bit larger. The upside is we know have a much cleaner drain line and a much cleaner basement floor.

A day without the kids...

My mom watched the kids for us so that we could go out and do something together. We're not that creative so we just went to TGI Friday's and saw National Treasure. It was a pretty good movie, although there was less puzzle solving and more "hijinks" when compared to the last one. There were the various magic computer hacker tricks and such but they weren't too terribly annoying to me. I'm sure most most people wouldn't notice them at all. Melissa didn't notice it so I figure no one else will either.

Melissa and I don't usually get a chance to play board games anymore. However, she got a new game for Christmas called Scene-It. She beat me two out of three. I think this is a sign she just watches too much tv but she disagrees. :-)