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Henry's first dentist appt.

Henry had his first dentist appointment today. Apparently covering dentists the week you go to the dentist helps things work out. The little man was a trooper. He did everything he was told and things went fine. Kinda disappointing... I was hoping for chomped finger or something. :-)

Sammy gets her day alone with mom and dad.

Henry went to daycare and we stayed home with Sammy. We wanted to give her a little time with us by herself. A few months ago we took Henry to see "Thomas' day out" at "Huckleberry Railroad at Crossroads Village". However, we didn't have anything that exciting planned for Sammy.

We went to the mall to play, and run some errands. We tried to return a watch I got as a gift for one with a leather band. They could not find a record of the sale even though we confirmed with my mom that it was bought and paid for by credit card at the Lansing Sears. The only thing we can think of it that they were looking at an old Sears card account that my mom and dad had around twenty years ago. I guess with computers now things don't really disappear. We'll just have to get the receipt and try again. We also finally got Melissa's ring break after it was damaged. Sammy got play in the play area and had a lot of fun pushing her "baby" in her new stroller. That was the highlight of the day. She got to play "big girl" and be like the big people.

Finally a day too relax

We were home with both kids. Melissa is sick so we didn't do too much. However, things have been so crazy lately that we're just happy to be able to relax and not be running around.

Christmas Day at the Gross'

We went to my Mom's house for Christmas. Melissa is sick, again. We somehow manage to get her sick whenever we plan to go to Portland. I know it is just a coincidence since we do not get to Portland very often. It was still nice to go even with Melissa not feeling well. The kids got some great toys. Sammy got a stroller that she's looking forward to trying out. She is certainly turning into a little girl. She loves to cuddle with her stuffed animals.

Christmas Eve at the Hoffman's

We went over to Melissa's parents in the evening to celebrate Christmas with them. Melissa's grandmother was able to come over and it was nice seeing her again. The kids are always excited to see people they do not see much.

A full day in Wisconsin...

We finally took Henry to see Santa. It did not go well. We'd planned on going early in the day but didn't make it to the mall until around noon. We ended up spending an hour and a half in line waiting to see Santa. We finally made it to see Santa and Henry rewarded our time and patience with a tiredness induced freak out. We did manage to get a picture but Melissa had to be in the picture holding him in place. Oh well.

We went to Applebees for dinner. Henry did okay even if Samantha didn't. It sure tired Henry out because he actually slept through most of the gift opening and opened his gifts up just before we left to go back to the Hotel. Samantha made up for it though. She opened her gifts and any other gifts she could get her hands on.

A trip to Wisconsin...

We left around nine in the morning and headed out to Wisconsin to spend the week end with Melissa's sister and family. Her sister found us a hotel room for under seventy dollars a night so it was a pretty good start to the weekend. We spent tonight celebrating our nephew Nolan's birthday. We'll celebrate Christmas tomorrow. This'll give Nolan his own day to celebrate his birthday instead of folding it into Christmas or overlooking it.

Hoffman Christmas party

Today we headed out to Flint for the Hoffman Christmas party. Henry and Samantha made out like bandits. They're cute enough that people like giving them gifts. Here's hoping they do not get too used to it. :-) Everybody had fun and we got to see some people we haven't seen in a while.

Gross Christmas Party

We went to my Aunt Eve's in Fowler for the Gross Christmas Party. We all had fun, played some games, and even the kids were pretty well behaved. The games consisted of a "Newlywed Show* style game that was harder than you'd think. You cannot just answer the questions you have to figure out what the other person is going to say. We did okay though, and tied for second place. The other game was to blindfold the wives and have them try and guess their husband based on the guys legs. Melissa got that one wrong unfortunately. She checked the first four and ended up guessing my cousin Mark. I was the fifth person, so after that the wives checked everybody before guessing.

Henry had a few moments but overall they were both very well behaved. I finally had an excuse to break up the 1 1/3 gallon "party can" of Oberon we had bought a while ago. I probably wouldn't get another one since I usually do not need that much beer at one time. My cousin Andy was teased slightly over the fact that he finally proposed to his now fiance Sarah. We got home and we were all exhausted but it was a good day.