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Melissa heads to Chicago

Melissa left in the morning with some of her classmates to head to Chicago. They're going today to get in a little shopping around Chicago and they'll put in a day at a radiology conference. Hopefully, she'll get something out of the conference. I suspect it'll be aimed more at radiologists and purchasing types not techs. Still, it should help give her an idea about what is out there.

Thanksgiving Part II

More Thanksgiving. This time at Melissa's parents. The kids always get a kick out of seeing Grandpa and Grandma. Plus, they love the dogs. Even Sammy is warming up to them. I think as she gets bigger and they stay the same size than she should be find around them.

Black Friday

I've previously gone out for Black Friday. However, there just wasn't anything I needed. looked hard but there was only one good deal. Sears had a really cheap HD plasma TV. I don't need one so I got to sleep in until 6:30am. (Kids need to learn to sleep in a little later.) Melissa worked all day and went out with her friends so it was a daddy and the kids day. Tomorrow, we go to her parents and than Melissa's in Chicago for shopping and a radiology conference.

Thanksgiving Part I

We went to my mom's and Melissa took a nap. I feel bad because it seems that we always manage to get her sick just before we head home for a visit. You have to love tradition though. :-) At least I got to hang out with my brother and see my sister. They're both pretty busy with their jobs and with us having the kids we just do not get together as often as we should. Mom put together a good spread as always.

Christmas before Thanksgiving is evil

Okay, I don't care when you put up your decorations but you need to avoid turning them on until after Thanksgiving. One major holiday at a time people!

Grand Rapids Christmas parade

The kids got to experience their first Christmas parade in GR. It was fun but long. I think it seemed longer because at one point there was an almost five minute gap between two floats. Unfortunately, the gaps were common and often a good minute long. This was too much for many people and the crowd steadily thinned as kids lost interest and people got tired of staring at each other waiting for things to happen. I would not be surprised if half the people in our section left before the end and never saw Santa Claus. It is unfortunate for the kids but what do you do?

Everybody loves a birthday party!

We went to Gracie's birthday party up Greenville. Henry and Samantha had a great time playing with all of the kids. Gracie's mom has a beautiful house and it is perfectly designed for the daycare that she runs. The setup also meant that the kids had plenty of opportunities to play without getting into any real trouble.

Another wedding

We went to the wedding of one of Melissa's co-workers. The dinner was served by the plate instead of buffet so it was cold as always seems to be the case for us.I guess we're not that popular. :-) I'm not sure anyone can do a large plated dinner without that happening to a few people. It was downtown at the Eberhard Center which I hadn't seen. It was a nice enough place. It was a fun time and Henry and Sammy stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa so we didn't have to worry about them.

A visit from Uncle Jamie and kin.

We went over to grandma's again so Melissa's uncle Jamie, cousin Carrie, and Carrie's kids Bella and Zane could see Henry and Samantha. It is always fun to watch the kids interact with other kids.